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Thread: Hex vs Magic 2014 ipad version

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    Hex vs Magic 2014 ipad version

    Ok, i started playing magic 2014 about 2 days ago and i want to know who else has tried it on tablets, what things do you think hex could emulate as far as mobile interface. Also what things you dont like and general thoughts of comparison.

    For me so far it has been great. I wonder if this same studio could work on hex? It does takes some time to get used to and you have to be careful not to make mistakes but overal i think its realy similar to what hex shud try to do. I would like the option to rewind after a main phase in case you made a mistake in targeting. I can also see threshold is already a great adition as it makes it imposible to make casting mistakes.

    Other takeaway from my time with sealed is that with a 250+ card pool you do see alot of thesame cards. Now i now that there is pve and constructed but considering that we will have the cards months in advance and since crypto said set 2 is almost ready maybe they shud release it sooner than 4 months after release as i do see some ppl geting bored with just 350 pvp cards for 8 months.

    I can already tell just how amazing hex will be from my time with this games sealed format witch is bare bones compared to hexes robust tournament sistem. in conclusion magic 2014 has realy got me exited for hex just from thinking of the posobilities. You shud try it its both a great placeholder and good practice for what is to come.
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    duels of the planeswalkers is great value for money but once you played the real thing it seems a bit meh. Saying that for 7 I might get it to tide me over. Have played a couple of other versions.

    With hex's resource mechanic it now seems cumbersome to have to mess about tapping lands though

    As for releasing set 2 early. It's our choice to play alpha/beta so we'll have to live with it. Look at it from the point of view of someone who joins at launch. They really don't want to be collecting from 2 sets early on. 350 different cards seems fine for draft to me.

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    Seems like a good spot to mention I just reviewed Magic 2014 for the Utopian Chaos site =)

    Remember with Sealed you are opening 6 packs (+3 as you go through campaign), as opposed to the 3 you open for draft. So not only are you pulling from a pool around 2/3 the size of Hex's, you're pulling twice as many cards off the bat, and then three times the cards by the time you are done. The limited format will have a bit more in terms of legs.

    For the interface, I like Magic's take on it with the sole exception of blocking. It gets very clumsy and unwieldy as you have more coming at you to block, and with the amount of token generation and cloning we've seen so far, that ramp could go up very quickly and very high.
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    The sealed card pool in Magic 2014 is actually only 151 cards.

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    I am having fun with the sealed play of 2014 this year. Like it was mentioned after playing the real game for awhile it's a bit hard to get into for me. But for the price well worth messing around with until we get into Hex alpha.

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    I am enjoying 2014 so far but haven't dipped into sealed play at all yet. I thought it took some steps forward and some backwards as far as UI goes. I really don't like the tap to select and the tap to confirm in 2014 when getting a card out of your deck, swiping in 2013 to select seems more natural (although in 2013 it wasn't always super clear either). I think 2014 was an improvement for how cleanly it communicates the game state (phases, life, deck, hand and graveyard sizes), but a step backwards for interaction. Cards seem to "stick" in your hand more in 2014 too when trying to play them, I am not sure if it is just me/my ipad or a widespread experience.

    I am hoping a couple UI elements change in Hex before release, I don't really like the symbol turn phase indicator being in the center of the board with the cards on top of it while text phase indicator is in the top right and the rest of the info is in the bottom left. I think it is better to have simple and clean interface elements for communicating game state grouped in one place. In Hex the state information is scattered around the interface. I would like to see Hex have the deck size and phase state information by the character's life and everything else.

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    Im shure its prety simple of you play magic online or the paper thing. But im just so happy they included my favorote format plus i had never played with mithics(quited magic on paper before they were introduced). I did played magic 2012 and 13 and this is a vast improvement.

    If yall want to play some games with a fellow hexer and have the game on ios ad manizacr on game center and challenge me!

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    I'm not certain if the tablet version of 2014 has the same art as the steam version. But I hope that hex has similar things going on. Static cards until you zoom in and then stuff is happening is pretty neat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaer View Post
    I'm not certain if the tablet version of 2014 has the same art as the steam version. But I hope that hex has similar things going on. Static cards until you zoom in and then stuff is happening is pretty neat.
    Yeah, I agree on this. "Cool, I hope Hex does this" was the first thing I thought when I zoomed a legendary and saw the animation. It's very well done, just one 3-5 second animation with no loop, and only when you zoom the card.
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    Did a sealed and finished the campaign.

    I hate priority windows and lack of accurate targeting, can't wait to play HEX on PC


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