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    So, I was wanting to hear some opinions on SolForge and how people think it will compare to Hex. Is this Hex's main competition? Maybe Magic the Gathering Online. It seems like Forge has a lot of similar features and I just wanted to hear what some of the community thought.

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    I believe SolForge has a much smaller development team, and its scope is less grand than Hex's. The gameplay's also very, very different, using some lane mechanics and a card-leveling system that drives the gameplay. It is free-to-play, though, and all cards can be earned for free, giving it a strong draw similar to that of Hearthstone. It shouldn't compare to Hex's gameplay, though.

    Honestly, I'd say MtGO is Hexes' strongest competitor, but I'm not super familiar with its existing competition. The gameplay and tournament structure are just too similar between the two, whereas games like Hearthstone and SolForge are pretty large variations that'll attract different crowds.

    As for reviews of Solforge, it's quite interesting. I'm looking forward to using more cards as they're released, but currently it feels like luck plays too much of a factor for me.
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    It works much too different than Hex gameplay wise to be a true competitor in my opinion. I also think because of the getting a whole new hand each turn it seems very random. Get 5 good cards in 1 hand? Too bad you can only use 2. That all being said I think SolForge is a novel concept, but not one I could currently stick with for any prolonged period, at least at this stage.

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    I think Solforge is very casual-friendly easy to play and understand, gameplay is totally different from all other ccg/tcg out there, definitely have it's place though luck can be a huge factor but it's all about deck building skill.

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    I wish I could try it for free, but its $20 on steam right now...

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    It'll be free later, with play-to-acquire-cards, and boosters if you don't want to wait. Currently it's still pretty early in development, so if you're not in a hurry to get your hands on it, it's best to wait. I only bought it because I know someone who's been itching to play it, so I was sure I would be getting it later.

    Incidentally, the $20 dollar price tag gets you 20 boosters when it releases, similar to Hex's kickstarter. Here's their kickstarter (long since funded) if you want to see more:
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    I really love the solforge gameplay. However it's very much a different game than Hex. Solforge is the game I want to play on my phone while I'm waiting for something. Hex is the game I want to draft a couple times a week with.

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    Currently playing Solforge on iPad, its a decent game. However i think it is in a different category than hex. its very simple game play with very little depth. Fun while waiting for Hex but not a contender against. IMHO
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    Cool responses. Guess I'll throw Hearthstone into the mix. Any thoughts there. I've just been trolling around the net looking at games. Been Playing Duel of Champions a little. I am by far most invested in Hex, money wise that is. Hoping it will be the next big thing to take off.

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    I've been playing Solforge for a while (kickstarted it and threw it on my ipad on release), and as much as I enjoy it, I have to agree with the running consensus that it is a much lighter, luck based game. Unless they do a lot to add to the pve/pvp environment, I don't see it being a direct competitor with Hex. Rather, it'll be closer to their Ascension app in casual gameplay experience.

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