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    Proof of Judge??

    I'm a TO and a Judge and I have several of my players taking judge test and telling me they are now judges (although some are still iffy with the rules), how I/they prove they are (or aren't) judges?

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    well, you can always ask them to log into the judge evaluation site and show you their "passed" grade

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    I guess the real question is why are they taking the judge test, and how does that affect you? are they asking you to take over judging, or what is going on?

    As far as some of them are iffy with the rules, so what? You could be helping guide them to better understanding of the rules and helping them improve as judges, which can of course give you a break in the future if you want to play in events or something.

    For the record, I have, just as recently as NACC seen judges that do not even seem to know the rules themselves judging in higher level events, make horrible judge calls, such as allowing a player to attack his own allies... so it takes all kinds you know.

    Figure out what the motivation is for all these people taking the judge test and if it becomes and issue, then you can follow up on it, otherwise it's not really a big deal.
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    I made some pretty miserable calls at my first NACC too. Among the favorites is the time I told players that a game ended in a draw due to time expiring.

    The level 1 judge test is not intended to indicate that a person knows every rule like the back of their hand. It is intended to establish that they have a basic understanding if the rules consistent with being ready to be brought into the judge program. I find that most judges learn the most from on-the-job training, and so those level 1 judges are prime candidates for coaching so that they can mature into some of our finest. I agree if you see some of your local judges making mistakes, you should take the opportunity to help them out, and if you can't come to an agreement on what the correct ruling is, then simply head down to the rules forum and we can straighten things out. But first you need to take the initiative to help them out, not simply say "you don't know what you're doing" and move on.
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