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Thread: Friday Night Hex - Pilot Episode & Contest (for 3x Slacker Backers)

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    Friday Night Hex - Pilot Episode & Contest (for 3x Slacker Backers)

    Since I plan to incorporate Hex into my channel fairly heavily on launch, with commentary, strategy, etc. - and I wanted to launch my "Friday Night Hex" series with a bang - here is a contest for Hex fans out there, and up for grabs are 3 Slacker Backers. Contest ends July 15th - everyone's welcome to participate, more info in the video below.

    Contest Ended, here's the roundup video:
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    Was totally leaning to pacifism until pact of pain dropped ^_^,
    I think card advantage is too good in limited to pass it up and there might be other opportunities for removal spells.

    Won't enter contest cause i'm already collector so better to leave it for someone else, but interesting idea Alzorath!

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    I'm entered, and I went for Pact of Pain as it was a no-brainer with the other cards in my opinion, and if I have it, it means you can't have it (unless another one appears in another pack of course!).

    If I win I'll be donating my prize to my friend who wants to be a Slacker Backer but can't afford it.

    Thanks for the contest Alzorath, and I'm sure I'll be checking out your videos in the future!

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    I selected Inner Conflict as a soft removal as it has playability for beginning, mid, and late game. Pact of Pain was my second choice.
    Great video Alzorath keep up the good work.

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    Really enjoying the responses to the video, much bigger response than I thought it would get - keep them coming, heh - going to be difficult to judge the 'best reason' prize, heck, if there's a big enough interest in this kind of thing, I'll definitely try running more 'draft contests' in the future (while the prize pools may not be as big, could definitely swing a few free drafts after the game releases )

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    Bah, Youtube comments allow for so little explanation =( I picked Burn though. Pact of Pain its nice but it basically pigeonholes you into mono blood or heavy blood + life gain. Inner conflict does stop a any troop but it does not remove the enemy troop so it can still be sacrificed or used in other ways such as buffing their troops. It also is double the cost of Burn and does not have the other option of being used as straight champion damage that Burn does. Fate Rack would have been an interesting choice because if you get it out on turn 3 and can spare the resources each turn you could mill 1/2 of their deck by turn 13. However that is the only thing that card can be used for, and thus isn't 1st pick. You could really make an argument for Wild Growth as it has the same cost as Burn but can do double the damage potentially OR since it is a Quick Action can be used on a bait blocker to crush an opponents troop, but I feel the requirement of having to have not only a troop but a non-exhausted one (if blocking) leads it to be very slightly less useful.
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    heh, that's the main reason I encourage discussion in the threads I post about this (while they aren't the 'judging criteria', it does help expand upon points that you made on youtube - which leads to a lot of good strategy discussion in general )

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    This was a really nice idea for a contest! I actually like how the limited number of characters in Youtube comments forces you to condense your reasoning.

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    Pact of pain or inner fire would have been my choice;

    Anyway good job, keep them coming

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