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Thread: Looking for Infinity Wars beta key

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    Looking for Infinity Wars beta key

    I know at least a few other people said that Infinity Wars beta keys are easy to come by if you just know someone who is already in beta. If one of these people could PM me with what I need to do to get a beta key, that would be awesome and greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Make an account an Pm me your username or e-mail and I can send you one
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    If anyone would be kind enough to throw one of those beta keys my way, I'd really appreciated. Been looking for something to sink my teeth into waiting for Hex.


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    I agree with you completely TocToc.

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    "waiting for hex"

    and your first post is begging for another games beta key? I laughed.

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    If anyone still has a spare beta key, me love you long time if I could get one as well.

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    Glad to have brought you some joy. I'm sure your 460 previous posts must have been gems of insight that have contributed to the development of Hex and therefore must imply that you know I haven't been waiting for Hex and I am not a King Backer?

    Well as your post above demonstrates, you must have racked up those 460 posts replying to anything on the forum.

    Best thanks for the bump.



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    Bravo on 462!

    Honestly mate, just looking for something to play while we get the alpha access. Infinity wars looks interesting. I much rather read your thoughts on it, than having post what it just under your name when you post

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    Honestly mate, I'm just looking for something to play while we wait to get our alpha access. Infinity wars looks interesting and I'd rather read your thoughts on it as opposed to having you just post the things under your name.

    I fixed it for you.
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