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Thread: Interview with Cory Jones this Saturday at 3 PM EST, give us your questions!!!

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    Interview with Cory Jones this Saturday at 3 PM EST, give us your questions!!!

    Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I run the agent_smashing channel on, we do a video gaming show every Saturday at 3 PM EST called "Knights of the Round". This Saturday we'll be having Cory Jones on as our guest to talk about Hex. We'll have the typical introduction to Hex type questions (our audience is all types of gamers) but we'll also ask more in depth questions put forth by you guys. If you guys want us to ask any specific questions please post them in this topic which I'll be bumping and checking until Saturday.

    You can catch the show and interview this Saturday at 3 PM EST right here:

    Update July 9th : Thanks Cory for dropping by our thread! I've updated the list of questions, we should have a pretty diverse selection by Saturday, also guys please keep in mind that we will be doing audience Q&A throughout the show so questions that don't make it on the list can be asked if you attend the live stream, we'll do our best to ask him your most burning questions

    Update July 10th: Alright so we're getting the message that bots are a big question, I'll definitely have Cory talk about how they'll combat bots and hacking in general! Added a couple questions to the list, but please keep them rolling in so we can fill in any gaps. Also made a reddit post, please upvote it so we can get more input:

    Update July 11th: Question submissions closed. Thanks everyone for your questions and please be sure to tune in & chat with us if you have a question you'd like answered. See you there!


    • Questions to be asked so far:

    • Hex is an up and coming game so a lot of our viewers might not have heard about it yet, can you summarize it for us?
    • A lot of our viewers may be MMO enthusiasts but have never played a TCG, how would you sell a hardcore MMO player on this game?
    • Can you talk a bit about the world of hex for instance a little of the history and a little bit about the different races and classes?
    • This game is similar to other physical TCGs like Magic currently, can you talk some about what the digital space allows you to do that you just can’t do in a physical TCG?
    • Your kick starter was one of the most successful ever, for our viewers who might not be aware kickstarter is basically a website that allows people to support almost any kind of project that needs money raised. This site has gotten immensely popular and Hex did really well, can you explain what kind of impact it had on your game?
    • Do You feel that Kickstarter is going to be instrumental in opening more doors for the indie gaming industry to grow?

    • Questions from the Hex Forum:

    • How are the KS Tier rewards going to be distributed? Will you get an email with a code and then log onto a website and enter all your account info?
    • TCGs are one of the last remaining forms of gaming that really only attract a male audience. Why do you think that is, and do you have anything in mind to change it?
    • Do you have any plans to integrate Hex into physical card shops at launch? In other words, are you going to advertise or sell physical goods at card shops?
    • Will there be a direct way to buy gold from your company? IE setting a definitive Gold to Real world currency price, will you restrict gold selling / buying online?
    • What aspects of TCGs and MMOs have been cut from this game and why?
    • Will the game have a spectator mode and or support for live streaming?
    • What can you tell us about Gencon coming up in Indiana?
    • Can you talk some about keep defense?
    • Are you going to put achievements into the game and can you talk about double back cards with trophy support?
    • Are there any penalties for losing in PvE or PvP other than simply restarting the fight?
    • The Hex kickstarter went really well obviously, much better than you expected, so if we assume the game will be a giant hit, even more so than you expect are your servers ready for 100k people trying to log in day 1 for instance?
    • How do you guys plan to deal with bots and hacking in this game? Are there systems in place to track that sort of thing?
    • Are we still looking at a Late august / early sept. alpha test?
    • Are you a PvE or PvP player in Hex? Any favorite deck type?
    • Any new information on Hex-Con?
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    1. How are the KS Tiers going to be distributed? Will the email of the Winning Tier simply get a code and then one logs onto a CZE website and then enters in their name, address, user, pass, etc?
    2. What are your plans for achievements--specifically for PVE? Do you intend on having 'World Firsts'? Do you have anything tucked up your sleeve for participating in the Beta?
    3. The 390k KS Stretch details adding in Guild Ranking and Guild Tournament Support? Can you please expand how guilds are going to be ranked and tell us more about these guild tournaments?
    4. How do you envision the PVE aspect of this game expanding? What additions would you like to include for the future?
    5. What role do you forsee Keep Defense becoming in this game? There are potentially very high monetary payouts for successfully taking down another guild's Keep. Could we go through a typical example where someone is victorious and how the attack and loot distro works? Will players be able to manually defend or will we simply be stocking the decks? Speaking of decks, how are the consumable cards like the Spectral Lotus going to pan out?
    6. Buffs, are we going to have them and how will they work? Are these going to be store bought with gold or created via recipes etc?
    7. What do you believe to be the primary Gold Sinks in the game?
    8. I've heard Cory mention something about a "Sand Box" feature before and this really got me excited. What flags are we able to customize? Could I use this to create a tournament that only Guildies can join and assign my own prizes? What choices do I have for restricting who can and can't join my events? Will this be my solution to creating guild only drafts?
    9. What can you tell us about Gencon? I'm for one very Stok3d about this. Should I be worried about not finding a computer to play? Can I bring my own laptop so I don't have to worry about sharing?!? How's the setup? Is there a tournament? Spoilers?
    10. I'm hearing rumors of EU and other Conventions Worldwide that may have a Hex presence. Is this true?
    11. Cory, you admittedly underestimated the demand for a game such as this. The KS hitting 2.5mil where the goal was only 300k is blunt evidence. You're now adding in a multitude more devices the game can be played on like Tablets and are investing a lot more money than you originally thought possible to make this game THAT much nicer... quicker. What precautions do you have in place to handle a possible underestimate on the massive amount of ppl that will hop on from the start? Are you able to expand servers on the fly? Do you believe the scaling of a finite of ppl for beta access to help? What about launch? Can your servers handle a million ppl from Day 1 one Free-to-Play rolls out? There are more ppl juiced about this game than you can even imagine!!!

    Questions I want answered that may not be appropriate for the stream:
    1. In This Thread Bossett created a mouse over for cards and has some coding to allow websites to use this functionality. What are the plans for implementing this feature or something similar to our threads?
    2. Speaking of forums, In this thread I detailed out a list of features that would benefit the community if added to the forums. Is this something that is being worked on? Seems that if we were to have something like WoW has at blizzard where achievements etc can be seen in the forums by clicking someone's account name then this should be coded along with the game.
    3. Have you considered a "Community VIP Program" for hand selecting a few individuals to assist with moderation of these forums? Once F2P hits, it's going to get insane. Those here do an absolute phenomenal job like OP_Kyle, but is his best opportunity (and financial) cost spent baby-sitting threads? Seems we could have a few selectcommunity members could assist with basic moderation like: removing profanity, locking threads, etc. Adding in a report button and this program would do wonders for efficiently maintaining the integrity of our forums.
    4. How is the Motion Comics Intro Coming? What about the Improved Sound and Particle Effects? Can we expect to see animated Champions with unique Sound Effects? Any teasers?
    5. Have you considered unlocking Foils at the account level (basically once unlocked all cards of that name/set are now Foil on that account)? What about Resetting Card XP upon trade? (Either of these basic changes would disable the incentive to bot PVP cards to foil)

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    Thanks for consulting the community and letting us ask our questions!

    I don't really have anything to ask right now however, but I might get inspired from all the other good questions that will be coming.
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    1) I would also like an answer to Stok3d first question, about the distribution of KS rewards/accounts.
    2) Is it hard to make decisions that go against your personal wishes (like with the T-shirts), but are requested/demanded by a large part of the vocal community.

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    Can you give any details regarding player statistics tracking? How robustly will the game track a player's activities in Hex TCG?

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    Here is how we will be putting the KS distribution to Cory, I promise it will be in there:

    "How are the KS Tier rewards going to be distributed? Will you get an email with a code and then log onto a website and enter all your account info?"

    Keep the questions coming, getting some good ones here. - Streaming Hex from alpha and beyond!

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    Any chance of another gameplay livestream before the alpha? Maybe even a dungeon run or draft this time?

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    -Set's rotation policy
    -Merc's tradeability
    -Policy on exclusives
    -chest's tradeability and distribution; primal chests, separate chests for each expansion, variety of rewards (mercs, sleeves) and their tradeability
    -guild vs guild battles; implementation and structure of tournaments

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    Thank you for this thread.
    My inmediate question:
    Exact date for Alpha game?
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    Pretty much anything from this thread by Yoss.

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