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    Few cards in battleground kits

    I have a problem, when he organized the tournament Battleground enroll more than 8 competitors so I find it difficult to properly distribute the cards that come in the kit battleground

    Now my question is, can you send me more kits or I have to put limits to the tournament fee each battleground week tournament.

    I honestly do not want to put limits of participants .. rather I would like to raise more battleground tournament participants .. if possible make two each SUNDAY who are the designated dates in my store for tournaments.

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    Usually the BG kit has 24 participation cards. This is enough for one each for 24 unique players throughout a month.
    The prize ones are 16, which is enough for top 4 at four events or top 8 at 2 events.

    If you are getting over 24 players per event, I suggest that you just give to the first 24 who enroll. This encourages people to come early if nothing else. Are you getting over 24 unique players per month?
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    Thank you very much for answering ... then no problem only BATTLEGROUND KIT perform 2 events to attend so more people cards ... and do 4 as the recommended file attached is sent to Battleground Kit

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