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Thread: Community Sponsored Spotlighting

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    Sorry to double post, but I was just thinking more about what you suggested and didn't want to hide it in an edit...

    I think what you're suggesting has more potential to be "impactful" and less forced than what I initially suggested. But also much harder to "pull off right"

    Another trick of it is though is for it to really work there'd have to be a few "hubs" where votes can be submitted. But then tallying votes between more than one source would become an absolute nightmare. The crypto forums don't really support something like this where you'd have to frequently delete and add a new post each week etc. Though having a post directing to the hubs and showing the previous week's candidates seems possible. I'm not really sure how best to describe it, but it would feel weird if you could only vote @ hextcgpro or utopian chaos.

    Also for sake of figuring out the details. How might we go about picking the nominees? Or would it be open voting (this seems better) granted it seems like if you're finalizing the votes every friday, then the people publishing content on fridays (just picking a random day) might be really out of luck or get overlooked easily.

    Counting votes on sundays though might work well since almost nobody puts stuff out on sunday... though I have on accident a couple times now
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    Good thoughts, and yeah, I think we are all kind of 'spitballing' ideas here. The idea behind the top 5 was to come up with recommendations for other content that people could post as links on their content sites, to spread the news about other content with a minimum of those providers simply "cherrypicking" their favorites to try to avoid the "clique" aspect of it. But as I mentioned that may be inevitable to some degree. And you are right, voting in multiple spots would be crazy at this point, but it is you are right, pulling votes from the already 'converted'.

    Must sleep. More thought later

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    So can the wiki help with this in any way? The wiki surely wants extra attention, but it's not suited for referring as exampled here.

    We have .
    But is there anything else you think we can do?
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    As has been said, the problem with the voting system is that all of the people voting are already here in the first place. I think maybe the best way to go about it is just to have it be a lot more free-form. Perhaps if, every week or every 2 weeks, each of us pick our favourite piece of content from our respective outlets (or perhaps just the latest piece of content), and then everyone shares those pieces on their video/podcast/site/whatever. I'll probably start adding a Community Spotlight section to my CH posts once a week or something, linking out to these pieces of content.

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    Maybe we need to all split up, and we each take up a gaming commmunity- like one of us heads to or etc. And head over there, make an account, and advertise ALL Hex content. Grass roots kind of stuff.

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    That is a good idea as well hyena. I know I created an account on to chip in to the hex discussion there. Are there some other good sites that we should go to spread the word about Hex?

    I will continue to do similar coverage to the article I wrote about the Hex community at UC a few weeks ago (I'd link to it but my IPad isn't cooperating) spotlighting at least the content I have come across and enjoyed. I know others here have made special call outs to other great content providers as well. I will make an effort to try to link the new coverage not only at UC, but on some of the outside gaming sites where we might find people interested in Hex.
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    I'm for all these options; and would be willing to offer up you guys to cross post your content directly into the RADAR (instead of waiting for me to pull it in manually). I'll probably create a separate RADAR just for YouTube as well; and have it feed into the main RADAR. For the RADAR; I haven't put a filter on there yet (although we don't post giveaways and promotions); but the content ranges in quality. Once the game launches and we're all flooded with stuff; we may have to do some quality control. LOL!

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