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Thread: Community Sponsored Spotlighting

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    Community Sponsored Spotlighting

    The goal here is to test the waters and determine what kind of interest there is in this and get the ball rolling.

    Problem: We could probably be doing a better job to drive interest in the community and help get the content providers the viewership they crave. At times it feels like it's hard to maintain momentum, I've seen some really great articles and videos posted and yet for whatever reason they only get 60 hits or something.

    Solution: Form a community spotlight program. We build a list of all interested parties. Each week we "spotlight" the person at the top of the list (if this takes off and we have more than 6-7 on the list then we'll probably do two a week simultaneously).

    The idea here is that we the community band together to help eachother out and all come out on top. There's much more to be gained right now if we all band together and breed a feeling of community rather than try to compete against one another. This might not necessarily be a long term solution though, it might only be necessary till beta to keep things alive, but it might also really take off and become a semi-permanent thing as well. If cryptozoic has interest in helping us out further that would be great. To do so would require a spotlight feature on either the front page or as a sticky on the general forums. We could get the weekly article / video / podcast / channel etc featured and officially sponsored.

    I'll keep this post updated with the details as we brainstorm, it's possible that we even are able to get this off the ground in the next week or so. Anyways onto the guidelines:

    -To participate you must be putting out original content on a weekly basis. Two points here: a) if you're not putting stuff out weekly then it's going to be hard for you to help out the others who are helping you b) there are some really solid aggregation sites or content hubs but this is meant to directly support the people producing content, by supporting people putting out original content the aggregation sites and hubs will still benefit based on the quality of their producers
    -Help me come up with how best to assemble the list. I think what I'm going to aim to do is get 4-5 people interested just put them in semi-random order and go from there. If people want to be added to the list once it's been started we'll just put them at the back of the rotation unless everyone wants to prioritize new blood.
    -Help me come up with how best to actually do the spotlighting. I would say at the end of every article or video we can do a quick paragraph or 20 seconds and shout out / highlight the person who's week it is.

    To go a little further I'll give an example of what I have in mind:
    -Week 1 features *HyenaNipples* all the other people on the list fit in their promo directing people to check out hyena's content and directing the readers / viewers directly to it. Everyone knows a week or two in advance and that way Hyena can try and have some of his best stuff ready for that particular week.

    -Week 2 features *YoursTruly* we do the whole thing all over again.

    It's definitely a little extra work to include the blurb but the more feeling you put into it each time the more effort people will likely put into spotlighting you! Pay it forward and we all win.

    Anyways, let me know if you're interested. This post was kinda messy, I'll try and edit it / clean it up at some point.
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    i like this idea; and am already aggregating content under (which actually feeds the homepage); but I think this probably works better for video content than it does for text (because our goal is to put out daily content). I'd be more than happy to add all the YouTubers to the RADAR though (it's hard to keep up with all the new ones).

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    If we can iron out a workable system, yes, I'm interested.

    Though I would feel more comfortable with a non-chronological system. Perhaps a looser sort of agreement in which we spotlight content which is of particular quality and import. So things that go a bit beyond the card reviews and other such daily fare. This is obviously subjective, and it would be more on a honor/respect sort of deal.

    I think it's very important this agreement is open to all, and that it is truly for more than tossing around traffic.

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    Let's also talk about the elephant in the room. It may be that there are some people who think that the “content” people create may not be up to the standards that they prefer and so don’t want to seem like they are endorsing it. Its the same problem that we've mentioned CZE has with their weekly update.

    Everyone chose their content format for particular reasons – some people think their format is the only valid option given the information we have to work with, some people are working within their time limitations, some people have experience with a particular format. I think as soon as you try to clarify what is or isn’t “valid content” you are dooming any community outreach program. The point of these is to pool resources and help each other. If instead we try to come up with a list of qualifications that will determine eligibility into this program, you open up the whole operation to drama.

    I don’t want to bicker and debate about who’s content is the best or who’s not pulling their weight. I’m perfectly happy for the next 8 or so weeks to try to lash as many people together with a community outreach program like this as it will give new Hexers a very easy way to look around and see what they like. This is the problem we are trying to solve: visibility – not establish a committee to determine what each of us individually likes or doesn’t like.

    As Funktion mentioned, this is to get us through to Beta, so its only a short term plan. When that happens we’ll all have lots of access to content and people can break off and do their own thing. I seriously doubt anyone would interrupt a live draft stream to say “oh man, btw, head over to XXX and read this article!”… you’ll be too busy with your head in the game and making comments (unless of course it was particularly relevant to the situation occurring).

    Now, there are going to be obvious exceptions to this… posting up one youtube video a week with a black screen and yelling “HEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” into a mic for 10 hours is 100% NOT content. But if someone is obviously spending time and energy, is attempting to improve, and is not being a jerk, I really couldn’t care less if I thought their format wasn’t optimal, their mic was sub-par, or their article missed a few facts or had some errors.

    So I guess it just comes down to "what do we want to pull together to do, if anything?".
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    I could definitely get behind something like this, but there are potential problems as has been mentioned - the big one being differing formats. For example, it's probably a lot easier for someone running a website to just stick a link up somewhere for a week than it is for someone making a video to stick a whole potentially unnatural sounding chunk on the end promoing someone else's stuff.

    I actually had an idea a little while ago for something conceptually similar to this idea. Basically we'd have a remote database somewhere featuring a URL, short description and maybe a small image of each Hex site/content channel. Websites would be able to read from this list and then link to all those sites using that information, with the idea being that if you are on the list you have to be linking to everyone else on the list. Of course, this completely falls down when you consider video creators who don't necessarily have their own websites, so I didn't bother developing it further.

    But yeah, if a workable, drama free system can be created, I'm happy to throw in.

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    I hope I didn't give off the impression that I think the 'daily fare' is of low quality. The thing is, we ALL do card reviews. So if this program were to consistently highlight routine sorts of things, I feel like the program would not garner the attention it's shooting for. This program should also challenge all of us to create new and vibrant material.

    And despite the unfortunate elitist stance, I feel trucking community members off to low-quality stuff would damage what little reputation I might have thus far established, if any.

    However, I was not speaking of a council where people would argue about purely opinion-based matters, that would be a nightmare. I meant more of a loose pact, where we discuss nothing, but we keep an eye out on each other, and/or send each other links to stuff we are particularly proud of. If the watcher also thinks it is cool, then they post a shout-out link to it on their site, as funktion described.

    I also want to dispel any feelings that I want to cut anyone out. We've all done something above and beyond card reviews that would deserve special note:

    -Just taking single examples from everyone-

    Icepick had a Speculation contest.
    MrSeriousBsns has booster giveaways.
    Typhon has a detailed overview of a specific deck archetype.
    Jax the Hexxer often does strategy elements, like this look at splashing in draft.
    And Funktion Fails has some in-depth drafting stuff as well.

    That's everyone that is so far been active in this thread. We all have stuff that I think is of particular note and interest that should be pointed out to the community, so any of those things would have gotten a bump from me under my concept of an 'honor' system.

    Of course, that will differ for each person and it would go two ways- for example, if I'm not spotlighting card reviews, then I certainly won't be expecting anyone else to be highlighting mine. And that sort of give and take we'd have to explore with each other on an individual basis.
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    It does feel like we're all on the same page but we're not quite sure what the next step is or how to execute things... It might seem awkward doing it from one medium to the next, and might feel forced if you're just like "and this week I'm telling you to go look at so-and-so's content" but I think it will only feel forced if you let it.

    I think the biggest choice we would have is between:
    -We could do it somewhat loosely, where each of us on our own accord just tries to check out a few other pieces of content each week and highlight one that catches your eye.
    -We all do it strictly and we all highlight the same person one week then a different the next. This would definitely take more effort.

    Right now I'm kinda leaning more towards the loose method, but something to keep in mind is this is just a short term solution, you guys have already acknowledged that as well it seems. Once we have a client to work with it won't really be an issue.

    Maybe the goal right now is to just put in a slightly more active effort and name drop every once in awhile?

    Oh one more note, I don't think anyone was really suggesting that we try to be exclusive about this and not include people. Least not as far as I know. Really at the end of the day when you look at it, there's not that many of us actually putting out content. Maybe a dozen folks or so?
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    I truly have enjoyed so much of the original Hex content that has come out of the fans so far. I even made a community post on UC basically trying to draw attention to some of those content sites, posting it to the HexTCG twitter, and their facebook page, to try to spread the word about those individuals and sites. Much of which has come from contributors to this thread, but of course many others as well. Human nature is going to make any attempt to support community content as being seen by some as excluding certain's unavoidable to some extent. As others have stated no one wants to be seen as judge and jury over the quality of hex content, but at the same time we need to be able to offer and receive the most support from those who are providing great efforts and great content, and they should be recognized. However I think there are ways to do it where the possible "cliqueshness" (just made that word up) could be minimized. I have been out of town, so haven't been able to fully flesh out a good idea yet, but I'll share what my thoughts are (bugs and all).

    Idea: What about a weekly thread on these fansite forums entitled something like: Vote for the Top 5 of the week - New Hex content . In that thread ANY person or site can post a link to an article, youtube video, twitch stream...whatever, that they want to put out there as their nominee for the top 5 for that week. In the same thread ANY forum member can respond with a vote for (not against) that content. We have that thread up for a week, and on the last day we tally the votes (if there are more than 5 submissions) and then post the results. Anyone who wants can then post a link to those results in their own style (such as the end of their article, or the info portion of their youtube post, on their website information or news feed, etc.

    A new thread would then go up for the next week, and the procedure repeats.

    It's not a perfect solution, and I may have missed something obvious that would make it completely not work. Maybe every 2 weeks, instead of 1 would work better at least until beta? Perhaps we have a special Newcomer highlight for someone just writing their first article or putting up their first video to support them? Lots of ideas.

    Now obviously this is going to initially only be really followed by the content creators, and other viewers of these subforums, so that will carry it's own bias. But hopefully that will be countered to some degree by the fact that anyone can submit something. And all of us are pretty good at recognizing what is quality stuff, and are not opposed to a newcomer who does great work, making the list and being spotlighted. One thing about this community I love is that I don't see this devolving into the same 5 people voting for themselves over and over, irregardless of other quality content out there.

    The system could also be gamed by someone's buddies coming in and "voting" for their freind's crappy content over and over, but I feel there is at this point a core group of us really interested in this and interested for the right reasons, that we can deal with that situation if it arises.

    Please feel free to shoot holes in this idea, or suggestions. While I will make some Hex content in time when beta hits and I have footage to fraps, I see myself more as a consumer of this great Hex content than a producer, and really would love to see a way to have all of you who are working hard with skills I don't have to make great content, both articles and videos, be supported and promoted. I would volunteer to start the threads, but that could of course be rotated between a group of content producers as well.
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    I like that we're brainstorming, my only criticism is on what you're suggesting Dralon is one which I feel is pretty big...

    -That's a pretty big hoop to jump through for the general public (not talking about us, we all go out of our way to jump through hoops HAHA). If the goal is to get more people interested in the game and more attention for the people trying to drive that interest then I kinda think what you're suggesting would be "preaching to the choir" in a sense. The people voting are probably all already checking in on most of the content sites etc and the ones unaware will stay unaware.

    Now don't take that as a dismissal of the idea. I think there's definitely a seed of good potential there, just might take some tweaking perhaps.

    Speaking of tweaking, you could even say that the winners of one week can't be the winners of the next week if eventually the concern is that people are gaming the system (though I don't really see that to be much of an issue with the crowd we have right now, everyone is just working off of sheer excitement)
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    Voting systems seem silly for the reason's Dralon stated.

    Also- Funktion's "preaching to the choir" point is also valid.

    Hexxers already around here are likely getting to the content they want to read/view/listen. I think he's on the right track by pointing us outward.

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