After a battleground a couple weeks ago, I went to close the tournament, but there was an issue with a temporary ID. I'm not sure what I did, but the program quit, and I had to restart it. When it came up, it told me I needed to reconcile the temporary ID, which I did. But when I go to select the open tournament from the drop down box, the tracker stalls out, sends up error messages, and then closes. The error messages simply state there was a problem, and the tracker is now closing.

I can create new tournaments and select them and run them, close them, and upload them. But the open tournament is still in the drop down box, and any time I go to select it, the tracker crashes. I don't just want to have that open tournament there forever, so I was hoping someone here might know of a solution to delete it manually, or something. Will uninstalling and reinstalling the tracker help? Or will that lose information? Like my player lists.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.