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Thread: [Casual Hex] Mercenary Life + Community Spotlight

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    [Casual Hex] Mercenary Life + Community Spotlight

    In today's Casual Hex article, I take a look at some of the Mercenaries we've seen so far in long, rambling detail! I also have the second Community Spotlight feature, in which I give shout-outs to Grissnap's GenCon deck reviews, the awesome Threshold podcast and Utopian Chaos' Pro Tier competition!
    Check it out here -

    Comments, criticisms and suggestions welcome as always!
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    Thanks for the shout out and info on mercs. I sort of have PvP blinders on at the moment, so it was actually pretty informative!

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    Nice article.
    I'm partial to the cardboard samurai myself. And plan for it to be the first mercenary I level.
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    Interesting read; loved also your pointers towards other people's work

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    Thanks guys.
    Going to try and do those Community Spotlight sections probably once a week from now on - this is the second now, as I did one last week!

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