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    Yeah, they tried it out at lower mana costs, but have basically avoided it ever since. Mudhole, then Stone Rain, and now the best we can get is Demolish at 4 mana. As for hitting the red threshold by turn 3, I think you're far exaggerating the odds. I played a red-green aggro deck for the last game day that hit double-red AND double-green mostly consistently, without mulligans. I had a lot more duals to work with, but they said they were going to implement non-basic resources for Hex, and hitting 1RG by turn 3 is pretty easy with basics, too.
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    In that case, I think it is probably more likely to be a temporary resource point. A permanent resource loss each time the troop deals damage to an opponent seems kind of overpowered.
    I think this isn't over powered at all. First off, you can only use this major on a very small handful of troops. Then this troop needs to deal damage to your opponent. Now, if your deck isn't playing troops to block this attack, or any creature removal spells to destroy the troop, then I think you're doing something wrong. Your deck really should have one, if not both, of these things.

    Also, the troops revealed this far with Major Sockets aren't very exciting. It's only the potential gems you use that even make them decent.
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    True. You do actually have to get it through which may not always be easy. Maybe it is permanent resources. Removing temp points probably would be a waste of a gem slot since the opponent can just use up all their resources on their turn.

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    These days though Magic considers it too strong (they haven't reprinted Stone Rain which is destroy target land for 3 since around 9th edition), and most land destruction either costs 4+, or costs less with a drawback (for example, a card like Ghost Quarter will destroy a land, but they'll get to replace the land and you'll lose the Quarter permanently, so you only ever want to use it for important non-basics).

    The gem's certainly quite potent, but whether it will be overpowered or not will depend on the troops with major sockets that come out. Right now, it surely isn't; no troop can greatly utilize it just yet (Warlock Inquisitor with Blood Aura could do alright, but it forces you to go into blood/ruby and requires you to draw both cards to be effective).

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