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Thread: GenCon & Hex - Stories, Pics, and Video

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    Talking GenCon & Hex - Stories, Pics, and Video

    Please share what you can so I may live vicariously through you today
    I don't get in until Friday, but someone please upload some pics / share some stories from your phones! I'm dieing to see!!!

    Anyone streaming, doing interviews, etc feel free to throw your plugs / links in here for where to go.

    List I've gathered so far:

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    Just came across this:

    Quote Originally Posted by funktion View Post
    Although I'm not big on social media at all, my wife has been insisting that I live tweet gen con... so... I'm going to : P

    Anyhow, I was really hoping to have a pre-gencon video out before I left, but there were just too many hiccups with the last one I did and I ran out of time : (. With that said, I definitely have a fun giveaway (or two if I'm lucky) in store when I get back.

    If anyone has something Hex related that they want me to investigate just send a tweet back at me and I'll see if I can find an answer. My twitter handle is in my signature, otherwise I'll have some stuff in store (including an interview with Cory & Drew) when I'm back and rested up from the trip!

    In the meantime checkout the Threshold Podcast, those guys are great!

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    I like their podcast, and I've enjoyed several of their articles, too. Looking forward to what they have to say about GenCon. Despite the many years of nerd cred that I've built up, I've never lived close enough to or had enough spare cash to afford a trip to a major convention. One of these days...

    Until then, all hail vicarious.

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    Stok3d: will have a few posts/articles each day. I'll be posting pictures from the CZE booth, pics from the League area, thoughts on playing Hex, interviews with Cory and others, and other random thoughts from GenCon. The frequency will depend on what the traffic is like at the League area - the sooner I can get 9 tickets, the sooner I'll be devoting a good fraction of my time to writing blog posts.
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    thanks for the spotlight stoked, and yeah definitely holler if you guys wanna know something
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    This was suggested on our guild forum, maybe ask the questions from this topic that weren't asked in the interview?
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    Actually, if anyone wants to take requests on questions, it would be great to get an ETA on when the official game rules will be available. I know nothing is 100% finalized yet, but having the rules in hand would let us figure out how some of these card interactions are going to work. So the sooner we can get the rules, the better. Also, we're all super curious and excited.

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    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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    Quote Originally Posted by @CoryHudsonJones
    Cory Jones ‏@coryhudsonjones 55m
    Its cosplayers me! Or is it cross-play
    This is awesome! Thank you for the pic! lol

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    Now I hope some more tidbits about the impending bear wrestling will be unveiled.
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    I want class and race breakdowns for the 50 level progressions. MOAR PVE news please Crypto.

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