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Thread: Idea! Difficult-mode PvE sanctioned by CZE

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    Idea! Difficult-mode PvE sanctioned by CZE

    Edit 1: Using "Feat" instead of "Achievement" to paint a more accurate pic

    So I have been playing Cardhunter a lot. It is a great game. Best CCG I played so far. For those that don't know, you create a deck of cards based on the equipment that your characters wear. At any rate, that game also has single-player PvE campaign comprised of many "dungeons". After you complete the PvE campaign the game unlocks 4 more ways of beating each "dungeon." The normal way of beating the dungeon is that you can use any legal card. With the unlocks they apply restrictions on how you can beat the game. For example, "No deaths", "All characters only has 1 HP," "Only use wizards," etc.

    As described above PvE campaign can have extended replayability if CZE has the restrictions below because it forces people to play the dungeon differently. And with Feats, sleeves, badges, playmats linked to these, people has incentive to do them. Here are some off the top of my head.

    1. "Pauper" - Only use commons
    2. "There can only be one" - Must use Highlander deck
    3. "Bourgeois" - Only use uncommons
    4. "Aristocrat" - Only use rares
    5. "Monochromatic" - Must use monocolor deck (one achievement for each color)
    6. "Snowflake" - Only use unique cards
    7. "Deathmatch - No respawns
    8. "Lucky" - No mulligans
    9. your ideas

    I want to add your ideas to the list. Please contribute!

    I think sleeves and/or playmats with artwork linked to the Feats would be a great way to showcase the Feats! Or badges linked to the Feats can be donned on your play mat to showcase them!
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    They've already stated Highlander would be one of the modes.

    While the ideas are interesting, I'm not sure I see the value in having that many modes. If you have multiple dungeons, replaying them that many times would quickly become tedious.

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    I like it! I think it would give us some incentives to come back and try old content again and again. It would also help bring us out of our comfort zone and make us try different types of decks. I am probably going to be grinding these dungeons leveling my mercs and looking for specific drops. This would really help make it more fun. Before I go hit this dungeon for the 10th time, I can go to the deck editor and try to construct a Sapphire-only deck this time based on my past experiences with the dungeon.

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    These are optional and the achievements/sleeves/badges are the incentive for doing them. I figured dungeons will be farmed. I might as well get some achievements and vanity stuff while I am at it.

    The greatest value will be experienced by the CZE staff because they can extend the life of their dungeons for minimal effort. The players get value because they have more things to strive for.

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    Like Barkam mentioned, you're going to end up running the dungeons multiple times anyway to grind out the PvE cards and equipment you are looking for. Might as well make it interesting.

    I like these ideas. I'd love to see a pauper difficulty (all commons).

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    I can even endorse this idea and I tend to take the opposite side that most other posters seem to.

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    Pauper, Higlander and Monochromatic seem like a good idea.

    the only rares and unique cards . . . not so much... weird decks, and hard to make them work.. would be a royal pain i think.

    Maybe some dungeons in "hard mode" could have some kind of 2 v 1 experience, were we would have to beat two foes.
    The enemy gets some sort of extra buff every turn or something like that.
    Enemy troops being +1/+1 stronger, or his cards costing -1 . This are just some ideas.

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    The idea of it being a royal pain is what makes it interesting as an achievement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zadies View Post
    The idea of it being a royal pain is what makes it interesting as an achievement.

    At the same time, they'll be adding more and more dungeons. Even at launch, they'll have at least 40 dungeons and each dungeon has multiple 'sections'.

    In order to 'achieve' everything, you'd have to play through dungeons for just four modes, 160 times (and let's say each dungeon has ten encounters for 1600 matches).

    What happens when you have 80 dungeons? 120 dungeons?

    You basically would force people to go through a long and arduous path in order to achieve 100%. Drafts and tournaments will take up a lot of time amongst other events too.

    This would be okay for those with a LOT of free time but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. I'm okay with just having one other mode which CZE has already stated (Highlander) but too many and it's just a cheap way of forcing players to increase their gameplay time. I'd rather see new content, not the same stuff repeatedly just with a slightly different restriction.

    Think of it this way: If there were no achievements, would you play through all the dungeons that many times under various restrictions stated above, would you think it was fun?

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    Your trying to complete both PvE and PvP they are really two separate entities in most peoples minds there has to be enough content for just people who are doing PvE to keep them playing. They have also stated that PvE is not being on the same set timeline as PvP so knowing when another dungeon is coming out after launch is a huge unknown.
    Most achievement hunters like the fact that there are achievements that will take them years to accomplish. If you can get all achievements in 6 months regardless of actually having to strive for them there is an issue there is no sense of actual accomplishment it isn't something that EVERYONE has to get everything it's there to encourage a certain group to play the game.
    Given I want a full playset of every card if my goal is not to spend any money on the game then in all likelihood I would have to play through the dungeons that many times if rare loot is actually rare.

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