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Thread: Unofficial Hex and Video Info Breakdown (FAQ)

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    Unofficial Hex and Video Info Breakdown (FAQ)

    Part A Complete Hex FAQ

    Damn i've missed the KS, what now ?

    You can still back the game; cze offers the slacker backer option

    Great but what am i getting if i choose to buy it ?

    1 starter, 25 boosters, 2 months of vip access, alpha/beta access, digital artbook and 2 exclusive pve cards (princess Cory and Chest o' Hex)

    Is this a good offer ?

    It definately is; starter will be valued at $10 when the game is released, 25 booster at $50 and vip program at $8. So you are getting $68 worth of stuff for just $50. Actually more than $68 if you consider the fact that beta access at KS cost $10 and that vip program offer 4 boosters per month for half the price (68+10+8 =$86 total value)

    Sounds great, but what is a vip access ?

    Vip access is a montly subscription (voluntary not mandatory), that will give you the option for just $4 a month to get 1 booster pack per week for free, access to a montly tournament only for subscribers (with juicy rewards), and access to a 'goldfish' feature, that will allow you to test your deck's initial draw and few draws after that. Note vip won't stack in the case of slacker backer (

    What is Alpha/Beta access ?

    Alpha access was unlocked during the KS and offers all backers early access to the game, character name reservation and guild creation.You'll be able to register your account name, reserve names for your guilds and chars, and play an early alpha version of HEX before anybody else. The devs then will be proceed to wipe your Alpha process before allow beta to begin. Beta will be where the fun begins; you will get access to your rewards, be able to trade/sell/buy stuff, play pvp/pve and generally a good taste of the game before launch.

    Ok you persuaded me. When i get to play ?

    You can play in Alpha right away !! You buy Slacker backer and wait till you get an email with the link to download the client and your unique username and password. As for Beta latest official info is that it will be several months after Alpha

    Where i buy it ?

    If you liked what you read and decided it to back the game up, here is a link that lead you directly to the donation page

    Done, backed it up, but haven't received anything from cze that confirms it

    That's only normal; you most probably got a paypal receipt that confirms the sale. This is the only proof that you need at the moment. Make sure to check your paypal account however, whether the money went through and that the recipient was cryptozoic entertainment

    I have no idea how to add the purchase to an account

    You will receive an email from cze, prior to Alpha, at the email they have on record (paypal email if you purchased KS/slacker backer tiers via paypal, KS email for those that backed via KS) with information on how to register your hex account; you will be able to merge accounts at that time if you need to. Then after 3 weeks Beta will begin, and you will be able to claim your rewards

    How do I claim those rewards ?

    You will get an email code, you login into the game, make your account, then there will be a special interface where you will be able insert codes in, to unlock your rewards
    (source Kotr interview 0:47

    You mentioned account merging; is there a time limit on this or I can merge my account whenever I want ?

    Merging will only be allowed in a short window during Beta. There will be no merging allowed later on. (Thanks Chiany !!) (source

    Will there be additional bonuses for linking multiple slacker backer accounts? (thanks kormai !!)

    You will get double of everything besides vip access which in the case of SB doesn't stack (

    What if I want to purchase slacker backer for friends ?

    It will definitely be possible; you will hand them out the details emailed to you by cze when that time comes (account registration details, code), so that they will make their own account and unlock their rewards. Note that they will need their own cc if they intend to purchase stuff from their account, as each account will be tied to one payment option

    What portion of the game shall I expect to play in Alpha/beta ?

    Alpha will give you the chance to play with every card in the game x4 and play matches with others. They will be slowly incorporating new features (drafts, tournaments, quick start guide) up until Beta ( check 0:36:10). Beta will be anything from soft-launch (almost all features) to what they initially planned; pvp and one dungeon the arena (

    Will there be more dungeons in the future ?

    Definitely. Cory said that they have 42 dungeons at this point, so there will be lots of more coming probably at launch (Kotr interview 0:26

    Now we are at it, will there be harder modes on dungeons just like WoW?

    All of the dungeons will have a hard mode; they call it legendary mode, and what that means is that you have to complete dungeon with a highlander type of deck (only 1 copy of each card is allowed), to get cosmetic cooler looking drops ( check 0:08:58)

    I'm new to tcgs however. Will there be any tutorials?

    Yeap definately; there will be a fully fleshout ingame tutorial with the purpose to teach you how to play a card game as well as introducing you to dungeons and raids check 0:31:00 check 0:03:00

    Ok there is still 1 month and a half till Alpha; is there somewhere I can go to read more about the game in general? (news, info, updates, gameplay, dungeons/raids)

    KS updates page ( and hex tcg’s site ( will be your source for weekly updates. Moreover there tons of info at the latter; overview of the game (, champions (,
    Dungeons and raids (, how to play (, equipment (, socketed cards (, keywords (

    Love the races; will all the races be represented for the first set ?

    “Although each of these featured races is healthily represented in HEX, for the first set, we shine the spotlight on four of the races; Orcs, humans, Shin’hare and Dwarves” (source :
    There is also a good chance that we will be seeing more classes and races at the future (source check 0:17:00)

    Also Cory Jones on race’s background (kotr interview 0:17:30 (

    How will hex's factions affect interaction between players ?

    You can run both factions into one account, and you can interact normally with opposite races; form guilds and raid together. The difference will be some faction specific quests and dungeons ( check 0:25:25 to 0:26:44)

    Resource system looks a lot like mtg’s. Am I right to fear of being mana/resource screwed or mana/resource flooded ?

    Random chance has to be accepted in games that use similar mana/resource systems; you can’t prevent it from happening but you can lessen the chance and cze is here to help; there will be ingame, a unique deckbuilding assistant, that will help build a resource base that is right for your deck and also help you to properly fill out your curve. (more on AIDA update #10 ) If you also choose to subscribe to vip program, you will also have access to a ‘goldfish’ option, that will help you test your first 1-3 draws (more on vip

    Also Cory Jones on mana screw (, episode 54 check 0:35:28)

    Now that we are at it, does this game share other similarities to mtg? How about packs?

    Packs, just like mtg, will contain 15 cards (11 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare/legendary).(source What differentiates them will be the fact that each pack will also contain a treasure chest. ( check 0:29:48). There is also a chance that once you buy a booster the game will instead spawn a primal pack, which is a pack full of rares/legendaries

    What sort of color codes will the game be using for rarities ?

    White = Common
    Green = Uncommon
    Blue = Rare
    Red = Legendary
    Orange = Promo
    Grey = token
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    What are the treasure chests?

    Each pack of cards comes with a treasure chest. The chests range in rarity (common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and primal). Common and uncommon chests drop one item, rare and legendary chests drop two items, and primal chests drop three items! Each chest will have a loot table determined by the set it came from, so a treasure chest from set one will always drop loot from the set one loot table and the treasure chest will be marked as such. (source

    What kind of stuff would come from treasure chests?

    Mercenaries, equipment, Alternate Art cards, Gold, crafting materials, pvp cards, sleeves, even new packs of cards (source

    Crafting materials? So there will be a crafting system?

    Yeap definitely. You earn resources by completing pve tasks or breaking cards down into materials which you can then use to craft items, pve cards and cosmetics More on crafting update #5

    Also Kevin Jordan on crafting check 0:58.00 and also 1:02:20) onwards

    Ok back on packs; what will be the chance I’ll open a legendary in a booster ?

    They said that they are emulating physical print runs, however there is no further info on that, most probably because they haven’t yet figure that out. But if it is anything like mtg’s then you are looking for 1/8 chance ( check 0:09:45) (thanks Zarien !!)

    How many sets they are planning per year and what will be their rotation/reprint policy?

    They will be releasing 1 set every 4 months aka 3 sets a year, that will be forming a block and rotate every 2 years. ( episode 54 check 0:52:00). As for reprints, they haven’t considered it yet, as they think it’s too early ( check 0:27:23)

    So will there be tournaments?

    Cory’s vision is turning hex into an e-sport. ( check 0:47:00) There will be lots of tournaments like drafts, sealed and constructed and even variations on constructed like the marathon tournament ( episode 54 check 0:41:13). There will also be pve tournaments like wild wild west ( check 0:20:30 and also check 0:01:50) And there will possibly be real cash prizes !!! ( check 0:47 and also check 0:35:20).

    More on tournaments and

    I love multiplayer tournaments/formats; will there be any of those?

    Definitely; On the pve side you will be having Raids where you and two buddies will fight against a raid boss, provided that all of you will have completed the dungeon that unlocks it (source check 0:19:30)and on the pvp side there are plans for 2 vs 2 tournaments ( check 0:20:20)

    More on Raids and<b>0:18:00</b>

    How is the match making system going to work ?

    This is still a work in progress but they are considering ELO and a bunch of other different systems, like rankings for limited/constructed where you will gaining points that will eventually qualify you for tournaments like the world qualifier tournament ( episode 54 check 0:40:25). Also Cory on organized play

    Will there be a spectator mode/replay option? I want to learn from the giants!!!

    They are definitely planning a spectator mode; Cory recognizes how important it will be for the game to have and sort of ‘create’pros if it is to turn into an e-sport. ( check 0:35:40 and also check 0:31:50) As for replay option, it was unlocked with the 1.06 KS stretch goal (update #12

    What kind of currencies will be presented in the game ?

    There will be two currencies; platinum which will be associated with pvp and gold which will be associated with pve. You can buy platinum from cze and its primary uses will be to purchase packs ($2), starters ($10) and as an entry fee to some tournaments ( check 0:28:58) Gold will be gained primarily by playing pve as a reward for completing quests, dungeons, raids and successfully attacking (and defending yours) someone’s keep ( check 1:00:44)

    Keep? What is a keep ?

    Keep defence was unlocked as the 960k KS stretch goal “Become the master of your own domain! Every Lord of Entrath must defend their Keep, so we’re turning it into a game. Players will be able to set up a series of decks to defend their Keep, which will be played by our powerful AI (so you don’t need to even be online!). There will be rewards and prizes for those who are victorious in both defense and offense” (update #12 ) More one keeps ( check 0:25:55 and 0:47:30)
    Also Cory Jones on keeps ( check 0:32:40 and check 0:02:00) Thanks Stok3d!!
    Kevin Jordan on keeps ( check 1:00:44)

    Will there be an AH/RMAH?

    Definitely; there will be wow style AH where you can sell cards/equipment and crafting materials. You will be able to sort by all the different stuff like buy out, highest bids etc. You can sell your pve stuff to get platinum to fund your pvp side of the game and vice versa ( check 0:33:09) As RMAH, Cory said he definitely wants to incorporate it into the game, but it is withheld back at the moment due to legal challenges and other implications ( check 0:34:30)

    So I won’t be able to cash out?

    Only in secondary market atm .What Cory said multiple times is they will follow a hands off approach and let the secondary market sort of manage itself ( episode 54 check 0:28:32)

    Are there going to be any gold sinks in the game ? I'm worried of the value of gold especially in relation to platinum

    Yeah definately; Cory said that they hired a professor of economics that used to work for a tcg company, to write a report for them about platinum and gold and to figure out pricing models and inflation ( check 0:55:30)

    You mentioned cards/equipment/materials as commodities at the AH; what about mercenaries and sleeves?

    Mercenaries and sleeves will be untradeable and account bound; ( check 1:13:00) Why? Well in the words of Cory Jones “So there it is, I thought it was a reasonable way to handle event promos, it’s something I am passionate about. Cryptozoic live events are an important part of what we do (and I personally love them), I really want to have something exciting at these events. Maybe I’m spoiled by WOW loot cards but the energy that fun desirable promos create is amazing and important” (

    Oh no…I live half the world away, how can I possibly attend all those events?

    You won’t need to; remember treasure chests? Well all the mercenaries and Alternate Art cards will be included in the chests coming from boosters opened during the hours of the event. They will have a special stamp of them so that they will be easily recognized. Sleeves however will only be given to attendants. (
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    All major mmos have/allow/support guilds; How about hex ?

    Yeap definitely; hex has big plans for guilds like guild vs guild tournaments, guild banks, guild rankings, guild chat etc..More on guilds
    : check 0:22:25 episode 54 check 0:38.25

    Where can i check all the spoiled cards ?

    There are lot of fanasites that maintain an updated list of spoiled cards. and!/cards among others

    Now that we are at cards, and since the game is digital, what about sound/visual effects to cards? I want my Volcannon to look/feel like one when i cast it...

    They are already taking care of it; the KS 790k stretch goal unlocked 'increased unique and particle effects to more cards'. So there is a good chance that you will be able to cast your Volcannon in all its glory (update#10

    PVP/PVE cards; what's their differences and how can i tell them apart?

    Pvp cards will primarily acquired by opening booster packs while pve cards by playing the pve part of the game (completing quests, beating dungeons/raids). All pvp cards can be used for pve, while pve cards will only be used in pve. You can tell pve cards by a monster symbol on the left side of the rarity indicator (example of a pve card

    Is hex going to be another 'pay to win' card game?

    Cory Jones on this check 0:29:48)

    Creator Cryptozoic Entertainment on May 13
    Martin: I have a piece coming up about the "Pay To Win" idea and why it doesn't apply to HEX, but basically it outlines that HEX is not like the other games you've seen in the digital space. You can trust true, experienced TCG developers to always have a solid base of commons that are tournament staples, budget decks (I believe a $30 deck recently won one of our other tournaments and earned the player thousands of dollars in prizes) that can compete, and the Auction House, trading to both allow players far more ways to build their collection and compete.

    What other platforms will hex support?

    Mac, IOS and Android tablet support ( check 0:21:20)

    What about the game’s requirements? I need to know whether I have to upgrade my pc to be ready or what kind of tablet to buy

    No detailed info yet, but Cory has said that the game will be able to be running in ‘low end machines’. So there is a good chance that an upgrade isn’t needed. ( check 01:07:00) As for tablets, given the fact how fast they are developing, I would have kept my money to buy one when the tablet version is ready, probably after launch (January ?) ( check 0:28:00)

    Will the game be translated in other languages?

    It is in their plans, but definitely not till after launch ( check 0:35:10)

    I’m a vendor. Are there any plans on supporting local shops that want to run hex and how do you plan to incentivise us store owners into running them?

    Cory’s dream is that hex will be run into local shops; how he dreams on doing this is by allowing vendors to have a vendor’s account with cze, run tournaments, then by entering a code they will be receiving a cut of the profits depending on the boosters sold ( check 0:52:18)

    Is hex going to support offline play?

    No, offline play won’t be supported mainly for security reasons ( check 0:16:40)

    How about security ?

    For starters there will be authenticator support at launch (update #5
    Also has said multiple times that he will have zero tolerance policy on exploits, but in unfortunate the case that something like this happens they will undo the damage and close the holes that allowed the abuse to take place (update#25

    Looks like an awesome game but what if i decide i don't like it later and decide to sell my account?

    Selling accounts is against the TOS. In the words of OP_Kyle;
    Players can trade/sell the ITEMS on their account to another person, but they cannot sell an ACCOUNT (it is against our TOS). We'll be watching this closely and take appropriate action.

    Other useful links

    Code of conduct
    Customer support
    Purple tracker
    twich tv stream

    Special thanks to Dralon for the extensive use of his list of links

    Comments, suggestions and feedback all welcome
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    Part B Video info breakdown and rating

    Below i'll be presenting all videos/podcasts, break them down with exact timer where that info is located and rate them (from 1-5) according to the info provided

    1) Cze created videos (stream and youtube)

    -June 4 2013 twich tv (5/5)

    gear sets 07:55, can i run dungeons back to back? 08:34, hard mode 08:58, rarities on cards 17:35, sets per year 18:25, resource system 19:10, reprints/out of print 27:23, spectator support 31:50, keeps 32:40, multicolor cards 34:10, holiday events 34:55, xp boosts 0:45:55, non basic resources (1 in set 1)46:13, eye of creation+resources 0:49:28, charge power once per turn 0:50:45, size of set 1 51:10, crafting 58:00, equipment 58:56, keeps 1:00:44

    -June 5 2013 twitch tv (2/5)

    keep defence (treasury) 02:10, dungeon crawler 03:30, wild/blood vs ruby decks battling it out

    -June 7 2013 twitch tv (2/5)

    print runs 09:45, more races/classes available in the future 17:00

    -August 10 2013 twitch tv (3/5)

    Alpha end of September 00:50, set 411 cards ? 05:00, assign phase steps 05:55, lots of new spoiled cards, unique particle effect 10:00 (thanks Stok3d!!!), sapphire vs blood/ruby battling it out

    organized play (5/5)
    talents and equipment (5/5)
    dungeons and raids (5/5)
    hex the mmo (5/5)
    mercenaries (5/5)
    hex the world (5/5)
    hex the tcg (5/5)

    2) fanmade vids/podacasts/interviews

    -knights of the round interview (5/5)

    hundreds of hours of pve content 0:11:40, tutorial 0:11:55, guild bank-guilds 0:13:20,world/lore 0:15:00, races 0:17:30, 42 dungeons 0:26:00, pve expansion policy/storytelling 0:26:30, rewards in codes 0:47:00, vendors 0:52:00, selling gold 0:55:00, chests with stamps 1:01:00, trophy cards 1:03:00, servers 1:06:00, requirements 1:07:00, mercs & sleeves account bound 1:13:00

    -E3 interview (4/5)

    no offline play 0:16:40, every players needs the dungeon completed to try the raid 0:19:30, wild wild west format 0:20:30, IOS and Android support 0:21:20, launch at the end of the year 0:28:00, use of platinum (paywalls/pay to win) 0:28:55, treasure chests inside boosters 0:29:48, interactive fully fleshed tutorial 0:31:00

    -Geekexchange audio interview with Cory (0/5)

    -Angry Joe interview with Cory (5/5)

    pve balance 0:11:23, visual toolset creating cards 0:14:00, 40 dungeon 0:15:00, 8 dungeon ark telling a story 0:15:25, raids 0:18:00, no more than 3 player raid 0:19:00, 2 vs 2 0:20:20, guilds 0:22:00, will hex be pay to win? 0:29:48, casual play 0:30:50, AH 0:33:00, pve/pvp relation 0:33:15, wild wild west 0:32:45, legendary hard to drop 0:34:25, RMAH 0:34:30, spectator mode 0:35:40, stretch goals 0:38:00, tablets 0:38:30, guild bank 0:43:15, alpha 3 weeks 0:44:22

    -The Geek All Stars interview with Cory Episode 54 (5/5)

    gems' limits 0:18:30, cashout 0:28:10, dungeons/arena 0:30:15, no account can have every single card 0:31:45, mana screw 0:35:28, guilds 0:38:25, match-making 0:40:25, marathon format 0:41:13, leagues 0:42:35, sleeves/mercs 0:49:50, sets/blocks 0:52:00

    -Gamer's Dome Podcast interview with Cory Jones (2/5)

    organized play 0:47:00, real cash prizes 0:48:00, trophies on cards 0:55:25

    -The Instance podcast with Cory Jones (0/5)

    -WeekInGeekTwitch interview with Cory Jones (5/5)

    race's background 0:14:45, story presentation 0:24:15, champion's for both sides 0:25:45, 2 keeps? 0:25:55, everything played on one account 0:26:44, mac and pc day one 0:29:15, raids's interface 0:30:00, dungeon's duration 0:31:05, percentage of legendaries in packs 0:33:10, emulating print runs 0:34:05, languages 0:35:10, phantom draft 0:37:44, co-op 0:45:45, keep defence 0:47:30, rolls in raid loot 0:49:29, player to player trade 0:54:10, wallpapers 1:05:38, make your own tournies 1:06:44, size of sideboard 1:14:30, offline play 1:17:18, mixed drafts in blocks 1:18:50, travel for tournaments 1:19:50, 1 copy of card in multiple decks 1:22:28, treasure chests in drafts 1:34:04, pve in beta 1:34:35, AH 1:38:38, can you reset cards 1:40:00

    -hex_collin's interviews with:

    Corry Jones (3/5)
    Ben Stoll (2/5)
    Dan Clark (2/5)

    -hex musings interview with Ben Stoll part 1 (3/5)
    -hex musings interview with Ben Stoll part 2 (3/5)

    -hex_collin's audio recording from pvp panel at DragonCon (5/5)

    no 3D world 0:00:50, AIDA 0:01:45, sets are balanced around draft 0:05:35, set1 0:12:38, shard of fate 0:24:55, gem socketing 0:28:40, transformation 0:31:15, Alpha end of September 0:36:05, 4x every card in Alpha 0:36:10, Beta several months after Alpha 0:36:32, policy/plans of banning/nerfing 0:39:05, emulating print sheets 0:41:15, boxes-RNG 0:42:00, differences with mtg (resource system) 0:43:50, tournaments (hobby retailers) 0:48:00, security 0:55:50, tablets 0:58:35 size of client 0:59:40

    Also slides, lots of spoiled cards and in addition very important info like Alpha access will be granted in phases

    -hex_collin's audio recording from pve panel at DragonCon (5/5)

    interface of pve (junkyard dungeon) 0:01:50, dungeon rewards 0:06:45, pve set of cards 0:07:05, roleplaying experience (starters) 0:07:20, wild west format 0:10:05, verdingo hunt dungeon 0:10:48, dungeon that feels like draft 0:12:48, Raids 0:13:18, starter raid 0:13:40, 10-11 raids at this point 0:13:48, Raid rewards 0:15:25, 72 raid rewards 0:16:30, assigning roles in raids 0:17:30, raids 3 stage format 0:18:00, equipment system 0:19:50, rarity of equipment 0:21:50, equipment will be affecting all copies of a card 0:22:47, equipment sets and set bonuses 0:23:02, mercenaries and champions (mercs only used in dungeons) 0:26:10, world's interface 0:30:50, faction's interaction (same server) 0:33:00, raid's rewards (drops) 0:34:10, keeps 0:35:28, can i respec my champion? 0:36:30, daily quests 0:37:20, phantom versions of cards 0:39:15, interaction between players in raids (group pause) 0:40:11, cooperative dungeons 0:41:30, pvp/pve cards 0:41:55, doubleback system 0:42:25, dual-specs 0:45:30, griefers 0:46:10, farming Raids 0:47:00, AI-reoccuring villains 0:48:45, can i save and name decks ? 0:50:50, pve expansion policy 0:51:20, sideboarding between dungeons/raids 0:56:20, Economy 0:57:18, does pve scale with starters ? 0:59:15

    -Gwaer's interview with Chris Woods (5/5)
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    -MTG headquarter's interview with Cory Jones (4/5) Thanks Daer !!!

    part 1

    card sets/blocks (4 sets a year) 04:50, 2 block rotation 05:00, what aspect of hex separates it from other tcgs 06:15, pass priority 07:02, keep defence system 10:03, secondary market 11:55, security 13:13, card leveling (foils/EA) 15:00, formats 19:15, core set 20:20, pve/pvp format 20:40, infinite combos 21:50, bans in pvp, nerfs in pve 22:40, e-sports 24:15

    part 2

    no NDA for Alpha 00:22, how did they come up with the name Hex 03:13, how do they plan on competing with the current tcg market (hearthstone) 07:50, world concept 17:30, race synergy in deckbuilding 19:30, Alpha features 23:50, drafts in Alpha 24:47, beta & wipes 25:00,
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    Very nicely done mate, this needs to be a sticky as it will be very helpful to the slacker backers.

    only suggestion i can think of is grouping similar items via sub heading and popping a contents at the top with a way to use ctrl-f to efficiently search the thread as i expect it to expand.


    HEXTCG: contents.

    1 pre alpha.
    a: you've missed the KS now what? ( prealpha1 )
    b: is slacker backer worth it? ( prealpha2 )

    then use prealphaX tags at the corresponding section in thread.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nekoangel View Post
    Very nicely done mate, this needs to be a sticky as it will be very helpful to the slacker backers.
    I consider this faq a valuable tool for both new and old players; not just slacker backers. I can't think of a single question being asked in the forums that it hasn't been anwered here. (well there are a few but they will be added). Also everything is presented with a source and most with vids listing the exact won't have to wonder where you listened/read that info anymore

    only suggestion i can think of is grouping similar items via sub heading and popping a contents at the top with a way to use ctrl-f to efficiently search the thread as i expect it to expand.


    HEXTCG: contents.

    1 pre alpha.
    a: you've missed the KS now what? ( prealpha1 )
    b: is slacker backer worth it? ( prealpha2 )

    then use prealphaX tags at the corresponding section in thread.

    Yeah you are absolutely right; should have done something similar or a table of contents. But its hard to categorize the questions since i build it up like a conversation where most questions are linked together, or follow a logical sequence. I started this thread for fun and it turned into a dissertation; its already 20k words (my BA's was 10-12k and my master's 15-17k) and i still intend to add stuff (vids breakdown pending). I ll see what i can do
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    Very good job Shadowelf!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowelf View Post
    What are the treasure chests?

    Each pack of cards comes with a treasure chest. The chests range in rarity (common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and primal).
    This point is not very clear for me. What is a "pack of cards" here ? Any booster we buy ? Or special packs given during special events like GenCon ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamino72 View Post
    Very good job Shadowelf!

    This point is not very clear for me. What is a "pack of cards" here ? Any booster we buy ? Or special packs given during special events like GenCon ?
    pack of cards of course refers to a booster pack; each booster comes with a treasure chest. Only the treasure chests opened within the duration of an event with rewards, have a chance for those rewards
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    oh yes sorry its a great tool all in all of course.

    yeah all the links are super useful and very well sourced so please keep it up

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