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Thread: noob questions - general deck themes and counters

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    noob questions - general deck themes and counters

    Just trying to learn more, anyone have a general analysis of various types of decks?

    Suppose i build a rush deck - which type of deck would be best to counter it? Would a control deck be able to lock it down fast enough or is it best to use a rush one of your own?

    Suppose u go up against a deck that wants to mill u down to 0 cards? Would a rush deck generally work out?

    Again any advice would be fabulous.

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    Beatdown decks are, I think, generally good against rush decks. They try to end the game early, while rush tries to make the game last and wait until their fields are full before attacking. And a rush deck GENERALLY wouldn't, but HEX creates cards sometimes so here it might actually help.

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    There will be a good mix of strategies present at set1; check the decklists presented at gencon ( to get a taste and also here saphire & blood/ruby battling it out ( Also ruby vs wild/blood (

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    Hi. There are a few specifics to learning deck counters, but the best general rule of thumb is to go by deck speed: "A deck will beat a deck that is a lot slower than it, but will lose to a deck that is a little slower than it. A deck will lose to a deck that is a lot faster than it, but will beat a deck that is a little faster than it."

    The principle behind this is that slower decks utilize more powerful cards, making them stronger in the later turns, but very weak in the early turns. You can very loosely describe most decks as either 'aggro' (fast), 'midrange' (middling), or 'control' (slow).

    To answer your specific questions: a slower control deck would lose to your aggro deck, but a midrange deck would probably beat it. An aggro deck would come down to overall deck strength and individual draws.

    Mill decks can be of various speed, so you'd need to analyze just how fast it is, compared to how many card slots they're devoting to self defense. If they have enough defense to match your aggro deck, you'll have trouble, but if they're all-out mill or too light on defenders, an aggro deck is the best answer.
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    IMO - The mill cards that we have seen so far don't seem to be all that bad. Mill is one of the most difficult strategies to pull off however if you do have the right cards for the perfect storm of mill then it can be difficult for the Aggro player to interact or disrupt the mill player. I recently ran into a mill player while playing modern pick-up games online. It was virtually impossible for me to do anything about their strategy. I find that control elements are the best way to deal with mill. I'm playing an agro deck with a combo kill condition.

    Here's the video (start watching at 1:08:00) -

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