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Thread: Confirmed: CZE hired an economist!

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    Confirmed: CZE hired an economist!

    With all the talk about Yoss's proposal for the guild wars 2 AH proposal, this new discovery that CZE hired an economist is pleasant news.

    The interview at hextcgpro at 11:50 -

    Don't get me wrong - I believe a discussion on the various AH systems is very healthy. CZE should take in many views and suggestions but ultimately the decision on their own. The AH is the economy of the game, the life blood, and we as fans of Hex, and eventually backers, don't have the full picture and don't have the professional experience to make a proposal on a singular AH system.

    GenCon is giving us more than the typical Friday updates - so much news to digest

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    This sounds like a very good move on CZE's part, getting a expert in, to help setup a working economy for the game.
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    Cory talked a bit about this with us on thursday while we were standing in line. What I gathered is that they've got most of the details worked out already and have pretty strong reasons for each choice they made. The user experience is really important, some solutions are just overly complex for a game that's supposed to have a wide audience. Sometimes the more elegant / simpler solution is the one that fits best.

    He was playing this one pretty close to the chest, but he was extremely confident with what they've got in store for us.

    Edit: The economist part is pretty old news though, think we've known that they were taking this seriously for a few weeks now.
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    15:15 "We do have a very robust auction house system in the game..." - so it looks like they already have a system in place

    @funktion Excellent news - simple is sometimes better for sure. I really appreciate all the news you and the others GenConers have shared so far and can't wait to hear more!

    Edit add: and also - I think it's very smart of CZE to be very guarded in terms of the AH system details - I'm sure it's under extreme testing and tweaking.

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    I would hope so after the never winter ah fiasco this past year.

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    I remember Cory talking about having hired an economist a long time ago.

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    Yea, I didn't catch that :P but we did get a glimpse on more solid news that AH has been developed over GenCon.

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    Professor of economics has been hired since the Kotr interview

    Cory said that they hired a professor of economics that used to work for a tcg company, to write a report for them about platinum and gold and to figure out pricing models and inflation ( check 0:55:30)

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    I knew I had heard Cory's sultry voice talking in my ear holes about economics at some point (he really knows what fires me up).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    I knew I had heard Cory's sultry voice talking in my ear holes about economics at some point (he really knows what fires me up).
    That sounds awkward ossuary. Have you received your quota of Cory hugs yet? Like Spiderman saves we all get one.

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