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Thread: Friday Update is Here -- Big News!

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    Yup both DragonCon and PAX presence, and backer vanity cards within 30 days

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    >Have a $100 item on the D3 RMAH for sale
    >Waiting for emails from Paypal to say it sold
    >New Email! Did it sell?
    >No, it's a Hex Update!
    >Still happy!

    Extended art on every card? Interesting. I wonder how many art assets Hex has...

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    I can't wait to see what the next version of is going to look like! (Still a long ways out, but at least it's something that will happen).

    Set 2 artwork (and vanity cards) coming w/i a month! o.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoikPEI View Post
    Extended art on every card? Interesting. I wonder how many art assets Hex has...
    Well, the KS was kind of there to get the money to do the art, and it kind of went off the rails... so...

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    Phil's write up is awesome. The point about how... evangelistic? the community is seems different from others. It's at a higher level. More saturated. We have the same instincts as a virus.

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    It`s not like extended art is doing 2 of every card either. I think they were referring more to the fact that the engineers are now finalizing the card frame reveals of all cards...
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    I... don't see where the big news is here o_o
    I'm not seeing any new info there at all besides the fact that vanity cards are being made along with the Set 2 art. Massively overblown thread title, I think

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    ^ Agreed.

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    Guess you missed that we are in fact getting new website (and hopefully forums), extended art on every card, and Set 2 artwork & vanity cards are around the corner...

    I'm really anxious at the thought of getting new forums.

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