There's way too many accusations of troll being thrown around when one person doesn't agree with another. If you think someone is a troll, report it to a mod and let them deal with it, but accusing someone in the thread is bad form and pointless. Trolling behavior speaks for itself.

The first thread I heavily participated in I was accused of being a troll and it really bothered me. This was after the mudslinger had told me I couldn't post in his thread if I didn't agree with the thread's premise (the premise was the entire problem, as far as I was concerned).

I'm yet to see someone accused of being a troll actually engaging in trolling, in my opinion. Ad hominem arguments have no place here.

I really don't get why people are getting so bent over issues that we won't be able to judge until we're well into beta. Maybe some are just getting stir crazy, waiting for alpha to start. They seem to have a fear, though, that CZE will jump on a poorly thought out suggestion and implement it willy nilly. Believe me, that's not going to happen. Most of these issues are already worked out by CZE and they will be what they will be.