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Thread: Will Crytozoic going to do "a Hearthstone"??

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    Will Crytozoic going to do "a Hearthstone"??

    What i mean by this is, once alpha or beta is out will Crypto be giving out keys to every tom, richard & harry who streams or has a youtube channel to help build up hype for Hex like blizzard has done for hearthstone?

    Blizzard basically gave keys away to anyone that has any following on, youtube... which has turned a beta into one of the most streamed games right now, only coming in second to LoL.
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    Doubt they will do so until they givethe ks rewards out in beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zadies View Post
    Doubt they will do so until they givethe ks rewards out in beta.
    Yeap given the fact that alpha/beta access currently costs $50 (and beta access during KS $10), i don't see them handing out loads keys for free. Maybe there will be exceptions like you said known streamers or fansites, but there is no official info on it yet

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    You can sign up for Beta access right on their web page, no purchase required. How many of those are given out, I have no idea.
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    Very popular streamers are very good for a game.

    Day9 made me interested in Hearthstone where before I didn't have any real appeal for it.

    Its an important matter of function. I also think that supporting the fresh faces we've seen pop up around Hex is important and supporting that burgeoning group of supporters instead of cashing in on already established marketable figures is a good thing to encourage and desire for the long term support of the third parties building around hex.

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    A key costs them nothing, and free publicity is free publicity. Expect it. Review sites and anyone tangentially connected to anything with any following shouldn't have any issue getting keys. Since they support "fansites" here, I'd expect them to provide support for non-fly-by-night sites too.

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    Yeah, backers will almost certainly get theirs first, but I'd be surprised if they didn't do this a little time after beta has gone live. Given the amount of attention/interest that can be generated in this way, they'd be foolish not to.

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    I said this in a previous thread, but I really hope they do give out keys to streamers. Yes, people bitch it's not fair they didn't get a key. But the benefits of someone raising hype for a game in front of an audience of thousands way outweighs that.

    As for the KS backers who feel cheated someone else got into alpha/beta without backing. We all want Hex to have a large active community, I think we should take advantage of every chance to build recognition and hype for this game.

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    I'd imagine they would. It would be smart, honestly. For instance, Day9 is really famous among streamers and, even though he usually streams Blizzard games, he loves card games. So I think CZE giving streamers like him and TotalBiscuit keys would be smart marketing. Assuming, of course, the beta client is stable haha

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    I would stress that I feel hearthstone in this beta phase is much closer to a ready for launch state then I expect Hex will be when it hits alpha and its initial beta. Thus the marketing strategy should and I expect will be much different. At some point during Hex beta I expect streamers and fan sites will get a number of keys to distribute, but I would not expect that in alpha or early beta, even if there is no NDA, which I have not heard confirmed anyway.

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