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Thread: Forum Game: Three word story

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    Forum Game: Three word story

    I liked this game from another forum, and I thought, why not post it here?
    if the mods deem forum games inappropriate, I apologize in advanced.

    Here's how it goes:
    We are tyring to make a story. but you can only post 3 words at a time.
    Only three words. not two, not four. punctuation is encouraged.
    No being so rude/dirty that it violates the CoC (duh)
    make sure you clearly distinguish which part of your post is the story or a comment on the prvious person.

    After awhile I'll collect the story so far and edit it into this post.

    I'll start:
    "Once upon a"

    Edit: Fixed typo.

    Edit 2: The story so far (I'll try to update it every 3 pages or so):
    Once upon a
    time in a
    Shin'hare ghetto party
    Ozawa decided to
    drop it low.
    The moon shone
    brightly, but not
    so much that
    it could have
    given away his
    toxic body odor.
    Moons do that.
    They just do.
    Get over it.
    Anyway, that party
    had lots of
    disguised guests pretending
    to be corn-dogs.
    and Princess Cory.
    their reason for
    Doing so was
    effervescent on champagne (spelling fixed)
    and moon sugar.
    Suddenly, a multi-dimensional
    pickled shroomkin vendor,
    selling several huge,
    spicy severed manhoods
    collapsed, dead from
    shrooms purpose grown.
    "I yearn for
    my beloved Uzume."
    damp tunnels silent. (?)
    Until Massive Explosion
    sounds came from
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    (Just to confirm, it's three words, right? The first rule says four, but I'm pretty sure it's a typo. :-P)

    Shin'hare ghetto party

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    brightly, but not
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    so much that
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    it could have
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