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Thread: [HexTCGPro] Monday Deck Garage - Mono Ruby Control

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    [HexTCGPro] Monday Deck Garage - Mono Ruby Control

    This week, John builds a mono-Ruby control deck with the available cards. Interested to see what it looks like? You can read the article here at!


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    That's really cool, I can definitely see playing a deck like that myself. I probably would have gone the Te'talca route as you said, though.

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    Yeah, I'd like to explore the non-dwarf route and see where that goes. It could potentially be better as Te'talca has a lot of really cool card interactions.

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    i really enjoy all the content you guys from put out there. cant wait to see what you will be doing once the game actually hits alpha/launch.

    keep up the good work.

    PS: for one of your next casts, maybe talk about what strategies you guys will use when the game starts to get the cards you want as fast and cheap as possible.

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    We covered that in our twitch pro cast last night a bit actually. Check it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtatta View Post
    We covered that in our twitch pro cast last night a bit actually. Check it out!
    already watched that and maybe i missed something, im not a native speaker, but i was thinking more on the line of tips for guys who are new to dTCG's like me about how to collect cards not what you are going to play.
    i got the idea from reading this thread. because newbs like me will propably just go and rip all those booster packs open at launch, because they dont know better so talking about playing drafts rather than opening boosters, draft strategies for newer players, you know really basic stuff like the B.R.E.A.D. system or rare drafting and whatever else, i mean you have more knowledge about stuff like that than me, i just learned all that today

    anyways i just thought that would make an interesting watch

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