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Thread: Threshold: The Hex Podcast Episode 9 - The Alpha, Beta, and Omega

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    Threshold: The Hex Podcast Episode 9 - The Alpha, Beta, and Omega

    This week on Threshold we talk about the updated UI, what to expect in the alpha, itís purpose, and how you can contribute to itís success. We also talk about multiple cards of the week.


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    You got me a podcast? That is fricken sweet!

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    Thank you for another good episode! I didn't like it as much as previous one's, but that might be me personally not that much being interested in a discussion around what alpha and beta means and when we should expect them.

    One minor note on developing for mobile platforms. When it comes to building native apps for android and ios, ios is def. an easier platform to start because of there are only a limited amount of devices that iOS runs on. Android takes a lot of time to let the app run on different devices correctly. Also to support most devices you have to support different Android versions, where as with iOS you're usually fine with supporting the previous version and up.

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