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Thread: New Hex Blog!

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    New Hex Blog!

    Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have started a new Hex blog.

    I have adopted the moniker Professor Hex, and I want to be your best source for strategy, deck building, and Hex news. I know I have a lot of other blogs to "compete with," but from what I have seen from this community so far makes me think there will be more collaboration, that competition.

    I'm also planning on streaming alpha, details forthcoming.

    All I have up now is a small bit about myself and my hopes for the blog. Tomorrow I will be posting my first article,
    "First things first: how to win before playing."

    I hope you guys will take a quick look, thank you!

    Edit: First article is up!
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    Welcome to the community!

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    Be sure to connect with all the video producers. Send some emails and network around. We are a pretty jolly bunch, well except Funktion. He smiles way too much to not be up to something.......

    I am looking at you Mohawk Man.

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    Haha, *whispers to self* ...always up to something, they mustn't know...
    I've been a bit absent the last two weeks. Flying back home though now.

    Welcome Karakoram, looking forward to reading what you've got for us.
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    thanks for the warm welcome!

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    lol, as a video producer, not sure I'd be called 'jolly', but willing to help out where I can with anyone interested in doing youtube or twitch stuff - be it just advice on how to do it solo or a possible collaboration... only trick is find the time that works for all of us

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