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Thread: For Each wording question.

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    For Each wording question.

    Ok, quick rules question:

    Cards like Legionnaire of Gawaine and Ruby Lance have the text on their damage formatted to say "deal 1 damage for each..." Problem with this is that it sounds like the damage is split into instances of 1 damage packets based on what triggers the for each loop. Does it do one big packet of damage, or many packets of 1 damage?

    This is important due to interactions with cards like Cerulean Mirror Knight, which would make Legionnaire of Gawaine draw as many cards as it dealt damage. With that said, I don't believe that this is the case. I make the case that the cards need reworded, probably with an X variable to show that it's one packet of damage.

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    I'd assume you'd deal a total damage of y when added up.

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    Using WoW TCG as a guide, "for each" means to add up all the things it is looking for to determine the number. Then it is all dealt as a single packet per recipient.

    In the case of the Legionnaire of Gawaine it will deal X damage to each of the opponent's troops and champion based on the number of cards that Inspired it.
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    I imagine that if it is one effect that's dealing 1 damage "for each X", all of the damage would be dealt at once upon resolution.
    If the Legionnaire were worded, "whenever ~ is inspired, it deals 1 damage ...", then it would put multiple effects onto the stack, dealing 1 damage that many times, but the way it is worded now, there is one effect that deals the damage all at once.

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    In MTG design they often talk about how "X" is much more confusing to players than you would think.

    If you really had to reword it (which I don't really think is necessary) I would probably say "deals damage equal to the number of.." The problem with that is say you have a card that says "gain 4 life for each" this is good because the templating is consistent with the aforementioned "1 damage for each" but "gain life equal to four times the number of" gets really wordy really fast.

    So given the choice between a wordier template and the slight amount of confusion over "is this one instance of damage or four" especially considering this is a mixup that is easily dispelled but bad templates are forever (well kinda).

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    As one of the lucky people who played it at Gencon, It was all added up and then damage was dealt. I know, It wiped out my side pretty handily a couple times. If 5 guys inspired him it dealt 5 damage all at once.

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    Just to confirm, in Magic, which Hex is very similar to, the damage is all added up and dealt as a single event. If you look at a card like Ajani's Pridemate (whenever you gain life it gets a +1/+1 counter), one 2/2 creature with lifelink would give 1 counter to the Pridemate when it dealt damage, despite giving the player 2 life, but 2 creatures with lifelink would give 2 counters to the Pridemate, due to two separate lifegain events occuring (one from each lifelinker).

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    I suspect some people from the old days might have strange ideas about how these things happen, because of Pestilence in MtG. Since it's an activated ability, each B spend is individually managed. The ability doesn't say "pay X black mana," so it doesn't get dealt all at once. But having it do one damage at a time was often counter-intuitive to a lot of people. This is kind of a similar situation.

    I think Devaux's explanation for the wording is pretty good. Also, sometimes I feel like CZE words things differently than the default MtG wording just to avoid accusations of direct copying (even if the MtG wording is maybe better / clearer).

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    Well shoot I'm late to the party. Happens all at the same time though, you can see it from one of their streams when they play and find out the inspire thing is bugged and doesn't double dip into the same minions inpsire effects when coming from the GY.

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