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Thread: Alpha Q&A

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    Ad Hominem

    Quote Originally Posted by ProdigalKnight View Post
    Super grateful for what's been added and love the game so far, but I'm still curious as to how far along solutions for connectivity and general gameplay bugs are coming. I've seen a few others sharing the same problem I have of getting stuck at the "Loading data" phase of starting up the client followed by hang ups on the "coin toss" ui/phase of the pre-game.
    One of our main focuses right now is server stability and optimization. Unfortunately for all of you that means that we are running on as few servers as possible to try and force load problems. Yes, that's right, we are trying to create server problems right now to shed light on any inefficiencies and bugs. Keep hammering on the servers, keep playing the games. Every time you can't login, or crash an AI game, or a PVP game, that data helps us identify problems and fix them. We've already increased the load capacity of the servers greatly just through optimizing the server code and fixing bugs, and have identified tons of core server infrastructure problems. This stage of Alpha can be particularly frustrating for all of you, but it's truly necessary, and you guys have been a massive help. We hope to move soon into the phase of development that is a lot more fun for everyone. Once we are there we will focus on keeping servers up, load balancing to meet demand, and generally not pissing you all off.

    Due to the large volume of card changes in patch 815b, some cards or champions in decks could cause the deck to become invalid. This will cause games not to launch properly. While we are looking into this there are some steps you can take to bypass this now:

    1. Reattach the champions in your deck
    2. Rebuild your deck
    3. Repair Install

    Again, we are investigating the issue and hope to have a broad solution.

    Quote Originally Posted by SamCube View Post
    Hello dear Hexers!
    Just the happy news for us Mac users. While we wait for the official release of the Mac game client, I can tell you on my side, that using Wineskin and installing the Alpha Client there, let me now play without problems in my iMac.
    Awesome! Thanks for posting this. We are getting close on the Mac client. Apple recently required developers to sign their applications (A Mavericks requirement), so we are working on getting setup with Apple to be able to do that. We're super close and are pushing to get this going ASAP. I work on a Mac, and am sick of running Boot Camp! We may be asking for guinea pigs...I mean volunteers, to help us do some preliminary testing prior to it being integrated into the full launcher/patcher environment.

    11/21 - 6:20

    We had a very large patch today that brought all new cards, new gameplay to champions and gems, and updates to previous cards that you've been playing with. You can view the patch notes here. The team is hard at work looking into some issues that are causing some players problems, and we want to make sure players have a stable environment as soon as possible. We continue to work on these issues as they come up.

    The apprentice applications are getting a focus today as well, it's fun to see the designers light up when someone nails the design test. We will be reaching out to some of them in the near future. Well done on that front everyone!

    11/22 - 6:00

    Our weekly Kickstarter Update had a ton of great updates on where we are with HEX right now.

    Wanted to give you an update on what the Art team has been working on this week. They've got a brand new victory screen that is close to completion (next comes the defeat screen that we hope you never have to see). They have also been working on what the booster pack opening experience will be like, and adding more personalization to the landing page. Lastly, they've been enhancing the in-game store to give players a smooth experience.

    11/23 - 4:30

    We are going to do a small update to the game at 5:00pm PT (30 min from now). The expected down time will be 1 hour.

    11/23 - 5:37

    We are now back up and players are logging in!

    It was mainly just server side stuff. The most notable thing will be the new victory animation.

    11/25 - 6:10

    Short week for us here in the US as the Thanksgiving holiday is Thursday. The team will get a well deserved rest! But we aren't slowing down early this week as the team continues improvements and card fixes.

    As a result of the patch on Saturday night several cards in decks cause the deck not to show up in the deck selection window. Those cards are:
    - Frost Wizard
    - Curse of Oblivion
    - Eternal Guardian
    - Hex Engine
    - Protectorate Defender

    If you remove those cards from your decks (for the time being) you'll be able to play with those decks again. We're working on a fix for this issue.

    If you need help with something regarding your account, be sure to use our customer service portal at

    11/26 - 5:45

    We're working on a patch that is scheduled to go out at 2:00am PT (yes, that early in the morning). We are timing it with some back end work that will be going on at that time. This patch may take longer than a normal patch, but we'll keep you updated as much as possible.

    HEX: Shards of Fate Patch 816 - 11/27/13 2:00am PT

    Know Issues
    • Adding Frost Wizard to any deck will cause that deck to be illegal.
    • Cards in game screen are a little brighter than we would like.
    • Clicking on a player's name to begin a whisper does not currently work. You must use /w
    • Players can get stuck in /w chat mode and have to use /general or /local to get back out of /w chat mode

    • Victory screen has been updated.
    • Having no decks will no longer stop you from making new ones.
    • You can now view all cards in a graveyard.
    • The text box will now show you to whom you are chatting.

    Cards and Champions
    • Hex Engine, Eternal Guardian, Curse of Oblivion, and Protectorate Defender have all been fixed and no longer create illegal decks.
    • Nin the Shadow image will now correctly appear on the chain.
    • Text on Countermagic has been corrected.

    11/27 - 9:40

    Our weekly Kickstarter update is out a bit early because of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Here's a quick link:

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    12/3 - 6:02 PM

    We'll be patching tomorrow (12/4) at 10 AM Pacific. This patch will improve stability as well as add more cards to players collection. We expect downtime to last 1 hour.

    Our game design team will also be playing games tomorrow (12/4) from 2 PM to 5 PM Pacific. So, please log in during that time and battle the HEX team. Show them your latest decks and strategies.

    Known Issues
    • The following cards will create sync issues when played. And while they do work, our suggestion is not to play them at this time so you don’t create a bad experience for yourself nor your frenemies.
    o Countermagic
    o Construction Plans: War Hulk
    o Eldritch Shield
    o Yesterday

    • AI will no longer hang when it has 8+ cards and needs to discard
    • Combat arrow animations now track when cards move during combat
    • The priority bar will now come back after you have viewed a graveyard
    • The Globe no longer has a massive cloud cover
    • Chat has added tabs, but it is still a work in progress
    • Chat has capitalization again
    • There is now an automatic space between your name and your chat
    • The solar flare that temporarily washed out the cards on the game screen has now passed

    • The Champion portraits now fit the UI correctly when you select a Champion
    • Wyatt the Sapper now has art when on the chain
    • Diamond of Duty gem now works correctly
    • Reverting a card now correctly resets the damage on a troop
    • Rune Ear Commander no longer counts non-troops for its ability
    • Slaughtergear, Renegade War Factory now works correctly
    • Shamed Gladiator now correctly deals 2 damage to your champion when you play him
    • Frost Wizard no longer prevents games from starting, but doesn’t quite work right

    New Cards
    o Twisted Fate
    o Sadistic Castigator
    o Uruunaz

    Card Manager
    • Cards in the Card Manager will now load in faster
    • List View in the Card Manager has had improvements to content layout
    • You no longer will get pink cards when spam-clicking cards in the Card Manager
    • A third, larger card view has been introduced into the Card Manager
    • The Card Manager now remembers your view between sessions

    12/6 - 7:13 PM

    As you've seen in our Friday Kickstarter update, we'll be introducing tournament functionality soon. You can read up about that and other news here:

    12/7 - 8:20 PM

    We're preparing for our weekly maintenance, trying to finish up tasks for the holidays, and we have some streams coming up. Tomorrow, we'll be streaming on Gamespot from 11 AM to Noon. We'll post the link tomorrow morning so you can watch Cory talk to the Gamespot team about HEX.

    12/10 - 6:00 PM

    We had a great media day, reconnecting with the journalists and sites that covered the HEX Kickstarter campaign. Everyone's impressed with how far we've come along and the gameplay.

    We're working on the patch this week and our own Twitch stream for Thursday. We'll also be patching on Thursday, not Wednesday, due to some content we want to add in this patch since the holiday is nearly upon us.
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    What does the Purple say?

    We'll be patching tomorrow (12/12) at 10 AM Pacific, servers should only be down for about an hour. This patch will allow players to enter 8-person single-elimination tournaments. The patch will also include new cards, improvements to stability and much more!

    Don't forget Cory will be facing off against HTP_Jtatta the winner of the tournament of streamers, tomorrow at 4:00 PM Pacific. Tune in to our official twitch channel and cheer for your favorite player!


    • Players can now enter 8-person single-elimination tournaments via the tournament lobby. You can access this lobby via the “Play Now” button.
    • 15-card Reserves for your tournament decks can be added in Card Manager

    • Card Manager now has a “buffer wheel” icon when you save, load, or delete a deck
    • The chain tray now disappears from the screen when not in use
    • Buttons throughout the UI have a new look. These are still a work in progress
    • The Landing Page has been given a new look
    • The “Play AI” button has moved to the Proving Grounds
    • Games in progress are now shown in the Proving Grounds
    • Global Navigation has been overhauled with a new look
    o A dropdown from the “Play Now” button will let you get to either the Proving Grounds or Tournaments
    o The Card Manager button is now the treasure chest icon

    • New cards added
    o Shadow Rend
    o Mortar Strike
    o Minotaur Mercenary
    o Shellsafe Sure Shot
    Boldheart now correctly prevents damage on His Majesty, King Gabriel
    Savage Raider and Veteran Gladiator now correctly say they must attack each turn if able
    Headless Executioner now correctly says that it cannot block
    • Triggered abilities that target now go on the chain
    Blessing the Fallen and Legionnaire of Gawaine now properly works with Sword Trainer and Protectorate Clergyman
    The Mushwocky now works again. Feed appropriately
    Wild Growth now properly decreases its cost permanently
    Royal Falcon and Royal Falconer no longer geometrically increase their stats when recast
    Nin the Shadow’s game text now correctly reflects that it buries the top two cards of a champions deck

    Known Issues
    • There is currently no reconnection, so if you lose your connection during a tournament you are removed from the tournament
    • The victory and defeat screens are currently missing from tournaments
    • In Tournaments, the forfeit button hitbox is misaligned and difficult to click.

    The servers are coming up now. We have found some issues with Tournaments in our internal testing. Please test this feature so we can gather further data, feel free to post your findings here. If problems continue, we will pull the feature until the problems are fixed, and Tournaments are stable. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    • Fixed a validation issue that caused some cards to disappear from decks while trying to enter tournaments
    • Shards of Fate
    • Runic Monolith
    • Hex Engine
    • Eternal Guardian
    • The Mushwocky
    • Curse of Oblivion
    • Howling Ambush
    • Stoneskin
    • Protectorate Defender
    • Soul Marble
    • Judgement
    • Ozawa, Cosmic Elder
    • Scrap Welder
    • Daring Swordsman
    • Comet Strike
    • Countermagic
    • Menacing Gralk
    • Replicator’s Gambit
    • Cosmic Transmogrifier
    • Mastery of Time

    Life Siphon no longer grants health when Blinding Light is played
    Ozawa, Cosmic Elder no longer doubles attack and defense when played a second time
    Zared Venomscorn should now work correctly

    We are super excited for our patch this week! We will be introducing some awesome cards that many players have been asking about for a long time. If only I could come up with a hint that would peek your interests...

    I want to take some time to thank the community for being so patient with our tournament testing this weekend. Your feedback and dedication has resulted in some amazing data that our engineers have been using to increase the stability of tournaments. Our QA team is hard at work testing these changes and we can't wait to get them into your hands.


    • Stability fixes for tournaments

    • “User not online” message from chat no longer has two exclamation points.
    • Quantity icons in the Card Manager have had a UI update
    • We’ve begun to update the UI throughout the client with scroll bars
    • You should no longer be able to get chat into a state where you see html
    • New window frames can be seen throughout the client
    • There is no longer a priority window during the Prep Step

    Prime Wild Orb of Dominance no longer ignores threshold requirement and activates correctly
    Prime Diamond of Solidarity now triggers correctly
    Prime Blood Orb of Brutality now has the correct game text
    • When Mancubus steals a card it will no longer also incorrectly steal cards created by that card
    Sliver of the Immortal Spear now correctly requires five Sliver of the Immortal Spears to activate the nuclear option
    Research Adept no longer will go on the chain when there is no artifact in play as Research Adept comes in to play
    Research Librarian now correctly exhausts when it uses its ability

    New Cards
    o Crown of the Primals
    o Infernal Professor
    o Princess Victoria
    o Rocket Ranger
    o Mistborn Wendigo
    o Cerulean Grand Strategist
    o Dream Dance
    o Jadiim

    Known Issues
    • Cards do not always highlight properly in your hand when they are legal to be played
    • The New Cards are not appearing for some users. Relogging will fix this issue
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    We patched the game today and are very excited to see all the new decks popping up that take advantage of the powerful new cards added today. We can’t wait to see what else everyone brews over the holidays!

    Many players have voiced their concern with the removal of the priority window during the prep step. Let me start off by apologizing for not making the community aware of this change sooner. It’s my job to prepare everyone for these changes and not have them ambush players while reading the patch notes. I failed in this regard and assure you I will do better in the future. With that being said, we are eager to hear your feedback with this change and ask that you reserve your judgment until after you have tried some games with it.

    I want to let the community know we are aware of a couple bugs, and our engineers are working hard to fix these issues. Thank you for making us aware of these issues, the quality of information from the community truly makes this process easier.

    Infernal Professor drawing Shards of Fate and dealing the 2 damage after you've played it
    Blessing the Fallen not correctly inspiring troops
    Legionnaire of Gawaine failing to deal damage from being inspired by Cerulean Grand Strategist


    • Icons that players cannot access now have a lock icon over them
    • Tooltips are now back on the bug reporting icon and the globe
    • Some players will no longer see a bright yellow game screen
    • The AI decks have been updated. Good luck!
    • Tooltips are now back on the resource icons on the gamescreen

    • Shards of Fate can no longer select another Shards of Fate
    • Blessing the Fallen now works correctly
    • Princess Victoria should no longer incorrectly have Lifedrain
    • Tectonic Break now works correctly
    • Reversion will no longer cause some cards to get stuck in a state where it constantly recalculates its properties
    • Damage is now correctly wiped off troops that are reverted
    • Soul Armaments now correctly modifies troops
    • Cerulean Grand Strategist now shows the correct game text
    • Eldritch Dreamer now correctly shows that it can’t be blocked
    • Prime Blood Orb of Brutality is no longer missing its threshold requirements

    New Cards

    Known Issues
    • We will be performing a Holiday Tournament Stress Test. Please report any bugs you discover here
    • The New Cards are not appearing for some users. Relogging will fix this issue

    Surprise HEXers! We have a extra special Holiday Update for you this week. Our engineers have been working hard over the Holiday break and updated the client this morning. You can find the full patch notes here. This surprise Holiday patch included 10 exciting new cards we can't wait to see what you build.

    From all of us here at Cryptozoic we hope your enjoying the Holidays!


    We will be performing a Holiday Tournament Stress Test starting today (12/27/2013). Please report any issues you find with Tournaments here. Keep in mind, tournaments may be unstable at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you in advance for the wonderful feedback.


    Quote Originally Posted by Vohl View Post
    The thing is, CZE could just temporarily disable these cards until they are fixed.
    I want to take a second and address this comment. I hear this a lot, and you're correct we could easily just disable cards that aren't working properly or causing problems in the client. However, things are rarely that simple. Doing this creates even more problems that we are trying to avoid. For example if we disable Countermagic, any deck or reserves with Countermagic becomes invalid if used. Players who may not keep up to date with announcements will mistake this as a bug or not understand why their deck isn't working. This often results in many false bug reports which makes it more difficult for our QA team to identify the real bugs from simple misunderstandings. Removing cards can even result in library issues or in some extreme cases server errors.

    Honestly, I can do a lot better job in the future making announcements easier to see for a wider range of our player base. As unlikely as it may sound many players rarely visit the forums or external sites making it very difficult to let players know when changes like disabling a card occurs. Regardless, I will work hard to find a solution that works for everyone. Until then, please try to avoid using cards you know will cause syncing issues or other bad play experiences for your opponents. Once the game is syncing many unexpected things can happen, again causing many false bug reports to be sent to QA. If you see someone use one of these cards, nicely inform them of the issues the card can cause. Letting someone know what they did wrong has to potential to fix the problem. Yelling at them leaves them unaware of what they did wrong. I included a list bellow of the cards we know are causing syncing issues.

    • Counter-Magic
    • Construction Plans: War Hulk
    • Stoneskin
    • Eldritch Shield
    • Replicator's Gambit
    • Reversion
    • Yesterday

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    Happy New Updates!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rycajo View Post
    This is good information.

    As you have acknowledged that many players don't visit these forums, is there a simple way to make a window pop up when the game opens simply requesting players refrain from using certain cards for the time being? I'm not requesting all information from the forums be posted, but just those things that would be most helpful. (I'm not requesting pages and pages of click-through pop-ups for game start)

    Another option might be to include some type of "Hints and tips" box while players are waiting for games/tournaments.
    We have plans to include features like this in the future.


    Quote Originally Posted by Slish View Post
    Yeah some tourneys apparently still bugged. The % of bugged tourneys compared to non-bugged tourneys is getting better though apparently.

    I wish they would fix chat inbetween games though... When you are waiting for next game you cant even chat!
    We are currently seeing 70% of tournament games completing. The engineers and QA are working hard to get this number to 100%. QA believes they have found what is causing some games to lock up. Every bit of feedback helps us get tournaments running smooth, thank you all for your continued support. I will keep everyone posted as I know more. Thanks for the patience!


    Keep in mind, slacker backer invites can take up to 72 hours to be sent. If you haven't received your invite by this time. Please register and submit a ticket at Please include the email you used to purchase an account and your transaction ID, and we will be able to get you into the game.


    • Players can now click on the name of a card within the text of another card to see what the card is
    • The Friends list will now tell if a player is on or offline
    • Tool tips of cards are no longer active when you have the friends list up
    • The “Report Bug” button now correctly opens the bug forum only once
    • The response feedback sound for the Sound Effect volume setting now works
    • Friends chat is now colored blue
    • Inspiration Engine has been renamed to Ingenuity Engine
    • Construction Plans: Inspiration Engine has been renamed to Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine
    • Eldritch Shield has been renamed to Arcane Shield
    • Shin’hare High Born has been renamed to Shroomshaw. And its trait line has been updated to “Shroomkin”
    • Carrion Blob’s trait line has been changed from “Ooze” to “Blob”

    • Construction Plans: War Hulk and Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine are no longer incorrectly able to exhaust non-troop artifacts
    • All cards where a player can actively decline a troop’s ability will no longer cause the game to get stuck
    • Selecting a card with Spellshield to discard from Giant Corpse Fly will no longer cause the game to get stuck
    • Pact of Life now correctly gives the owner health when Shards of Fate is played
    • Judgement now correctly works with cost increasing effects
    • Wailing Banshee no longer displays the text twice
    • Dwarven Armory now correctly costs one resource to use its ability
    • Eternal Guardian no longer incorrectly prevents the damage from pay life cards or effects
    • Hellhound’s ability will no longer cause the game to get stuck
    • The AI no longer incorrectly wields shared control over troops stolen by Mancubus
    • Mancubus no longer incorrectly fires come into play triggers when switching ownership
    • Living Totem now follows activated ability rules
    • Revert effects will now correctly remove temporary effects and counters
    • Ritualist of the Spring Litter now creates the correct number of shin’hare with Shroomtank and Shroomshaw
    • Incantations will no longer incorrectly trigger continuous effects from transformed cards outside the warzone
    • Incantation now correctly display counters
    • Princess Victoria’s opening hand ability now works correctly
    • Socket restrictions are now in place. You can only put major gems in major sockets
    • Secret Lab now costs 4 instead of 3
    • Incantation of Fear now costs 4 instead of 2
    • Maddening Nightmare now costs 4 instead of 2
    • Ozawa, Cosmic Elder now costs 8 instead of 7
    • Incantation of Righteousness now costs 2 instead of 1
    • Life Siphon now costs 1X instead of X
    • Booby Trap now deals 4 damage instead of 5
    • Feral Beast’s defense has been changed to 3 instead of 6
    • Giant Army Ants’ defense has been changed to 2 instead of 3
    • Ruby Enchantress’ defense has been changed to 1 instead of 2
    • Legionnaire of Gawaine’s attack has been changed to 4 instead of 3, and its defense has been changed to 4 instead of 3
    • Menacing Gralk now has 3 sapphire threshold instead of 2, and its defense has been changed to 2 instead of 3
    • Wild Root Dancer now has 2 wild threshold instead of 1
    • Boulder Brute now has 1 wild threshold instead of 2
    • Murder now has 1 blood threshold and reads: “Destroy target non-artifact troop.”
    • Volcannon now reads: “[ACT], Exhaust a Dwarf or Robot you control  Deal 3 damage to each opposing champion. Exhaust two Dwarves and /or Robots you control  Ready this artifact.”
    • Giant Corpse Fly now reads: “Flight. When this troop enters play, target champion chooses and discards a card.”
    • Devoted Emissary now reads: “When this troop enters play, put target troop you control into its controller’s hand.”
    • Elite Battle Tech now reads: “When this troop enters play, create two Worker Bots and put them into play. Sacrifice two Robots you control  Put target opposing troop into its controller’s hand.”
    • Curse of Oblivion now reads: “Choose target opposing card on the chain. Void each other card with the same name from its controller’s deck, graveyard, and hand.”
    • Bun’jitsu now reads: “[BLOOD][BLOOD]: [BASIC] [5], Void two ready troops you control  Create an Abomination with [ATK] equal to 3 plus their combined [ATK], and [DEF] equal to 3 plus their combined [DEF] and put it into play exhausted.”
    • Bun’jitsu has had a text change, but is persistently stubborn at working correctly
    • The Friends list on/offline status does not update in real time
    • The New Cards are not appearing for some users. Relogging will fix this issue

    Check out our first edition of The Patch Breakdown a new article series that will accompany each patch. Our goal with this series of articles is to give our players in depth look at the most recent patch. This week's Patch Breakdown includes

    • New Card Spotlight
    • Shaggy's "It's all about the Benjamins" Deck Tech
    • Interview with Lead Developer Dan Clark on Balance Changes

    Hey, HEXers I wanted to let everyone know some details about this weeks Maintenance! We will be bringing the servers down at 5:00am PST tomorrow morning. Maintenance will last for 8 hours, but don't worry it will be well worth the wait.

    This patch will include Sealed, The return of the Prep Phase, Reconnecting, and much more! We will be posting the patch notes as soon as the servers come down at 5:00am PST. See you tomorrow morning bright and early for patch 821!

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    Happy Lunar New Responses!

    • Sealed Deck Tournaments have been added. Players that enter a sealed deck tournament will get 6 booster packs to build their tournament deck
    • Reconnect is in! If you disconnect from a game, and log back in within 5 minutes, you can be reconnected to that game

    • The Prep Phase is back but the manual stop for this phase is defaulted to off
    • Nelebrin Skirmisher can now be added and saved to decks
    • New sound effects have been added throughout the game
    • Opposing cards no longer ready incorrectly after switching ownership
    • Zoom out is now lined up correctly with visual indicator in game
    • The client now checks for death reducing instances and improper death correctly
    • Players can now mulligan to 0 cards in their hand
    • The deck dropdown menu while queuing for a Quick Match now correctly appears
    • Gems text is now correctly showing on cards again
    • Action/Cards that are targeting something on the chain now correctly show what they are targeting
    • Players can no longer incorrectly name two decks with the same name
    • Player ranking is now displayed correctly in tournaments
    • Game timers are now enforced: if your chess timer runs out you lose the match; if you have no actions within 5 minutes you lose the game
    • Tournaments will now progress correctly if one player loses connection or drops from a tournament
    • Players should no longer see incorrect health totals for champions
    • Prime Blood Orb of Brutality has been removed
    • When a card triggers its Rage ability it no longer incorrectly goes on the chain

    • Prime Diamond of Solidarity no longer incorrectly triggers or stacks when it is not supposed to
    Farhny now works correctly
    Buccaneer’s game text is now correctly optional
    Uruunaz no longer incorrectly gains inspire effects when bringing inspire troops into play
    Uruunaz’s that were targeted by an opposing Uruunaz no longer behave incorrectly
    Cerulean Mentalist’s ability no longer incorrectly uses the chain
    Monkey of the Nine Tails now correctly transforms a troop into a Monkey of the Nine Tails
    Princess Victoria now correctly inspires troops when its game text reduced its cost to 0
    • Additional damage is no longer incorrectly applied after initial death when playing Immortality
    • Prior gameplay states are now retained when an incantation transforms
    Noble Citizenry’s ability now correctly goes on the chain
    Zoltog’s creation of a Savage Raider will no longer prevent the game from progressing
    Legionnaire of Gawaine now correctly deals damage when being inspired by Cerulean Grand Strategist
    • Sync issues have been resolved on the following cards: Stoneskin, Arcane Sheild, and Yesterday
    • Troops can no longer incorrectly use activated abilities during the first opposing turn after they enter play
    Fiendish Cabalist’s ability will now work correctly if it is returned to a player’s hand
    Blood Bearer no longer will grant its effect from the graveyard
    Resurrection no longer prevents the game from progressing

    Farhny will not correctly account for created artifacts
    • Transforming a socketed troop will cause the game to stop responding
    • You can’t currently drop or forfeit from a tournament
    Rune Ear Commander’s that are created by Uzume, Grand Concubunny instantly die
    • Created troops from Uzume, Grand Concubunny and Wretched Brood can incorrectly attack the turn they come in to play

    Hello everyone, we have been battling it out in sealed tournaments all weekend. It’s been a little rocky, but the data we collected on top of all the amazing feedback from our players has led to some interesting finds. I want to take some time to go over these issues with the community.

    The biggest problem players are experiencing is the “Save Deck Bug”. If a player fails to save their deck before the timer runs out, it causes that player to be disqualified from that tournament. Which means the players opponent doesn’t have a player to connect with. The tournament then locks up because opponents can't be found for both players. Essentially, if one player doesn’t save it cascade fails the entire tournament, even though the tournament server might actually think it’s advancing. It’s only a matter of time before one of the stuck players drop the tournament, resulting in a no complete. Our engineers are working on a solution to this problem and we should have a server side patch within the next 24 to 48 hours. This will only affect tournaments and should only take about 5 minutes to complete.

    This weekend we received the most log-ins we have had this year! Unfortunately, this caused our servers to act up a bit causing players to be unable to log-in for a short period of time. We know it can be frustrating when you’re unable to play the game and want to apologize for this inconvenience. Fixing log-in issues are always a top priority for our team. The engineers worked hard over the entire weekend figuring out what caused these issues. We are even working on new system tools that will allow us to fix log-in issues even faster. We are very thrilled to see so many of you excited to play HEX!

    If you run into any bugs during sealed tournament, please report them HERE with as much detail as you can. Our engineers and QA testers visit this thread often. The more detailed you can be the easier our QA testers can reproduce the bugs and find a solution. I will also be keeping everyone updated on the latest info regarding sealed tournament progress. You can view those updates from the Alpha Notes forum post. Once again we would like to thank everyone for all your hard work and patience. You truly make this process much easier!


    Hey guys, I want to clear up this topic so players understand how the "chain" is supposed to work.

    Actions targeting Troops
    When a Troop is being targeted by an Action and that Troop no longer becomes a legal target. That Action will be interrupted because it no longer has a legal target. There are multiple ways for a Troop to no long be a legal Target; if it gains spell shield, is no longer in play to be targeted, or its card type changes to no longer become a Troop. For example if you target your Wild Child with Sapphire Aura and then it's targeted by Time Ripple and sent back to your hand. Sapphire Aura will not resolve because its target has been removed from play and is no longer a legal target. However, we are aware that sometimes your Wild Child will still be affected by Sapphire Aura and this is indeed a bug. This bug has been reported by QA and should be fixed in a future patch.

    Troop Powers
    When a Troop uses its power, its power goes on the chain. No matter what happens to the troop, its power will always remain on the chain. For example I have a Hop'Hiro Samurai Warlord and use his power targeting your Wild Child. You use Murder on my Hop'Hiro Samurai Warlord, even though you destroyed my Hop'Hiro his power is still on the chain and will still resolve destroying your Wild Child. However, if you Time Ripple your Wild Child. Hop'Hiro's power will not have a target and fail to resolve.

    using filipcic's analogy. If a Sniper shoots a Bullet at a Target. Once the Bullet is fired even if the Sniper is killed the Bullet will still hit his Target. However, if that Target isn't there anymore he will miss.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions or if something is still confusing.

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    Twitter Responses

    From Twitter:

    looks like alpha is Oct 8, beta before the end of the year. Game development is the hardest game of all. Sorry for the delay.
    you'll receive your rewards at the beginning of open beta. you'll get your alpha invite via email used on KS or PayPal
    you will get your alpha invite sometime this month, then rewards sometime during the beta. your paypal receipt is all you need
    at this time. we are working on a timetable for Mac client and how quickly we can get that in parallel with Windows.
    the emails are sent, so it depends on how long it takes to get there.
    now that the CDN is upgraded, we're focusing on server load and stability. can't say anything for certain right now.
    same URL. just on upgraded CDN so people aren't needing to "repair" the download. I was up and playing in less than 5 min today
    something was updated in addition to the client patch next week and we feel that might be causing the issues, but not sure atm.
    Correct. Log-in server is down, engineers are looking into what the issue is.
    Engineers pinned the log-in problem to a hardware failure. Chris has stood up a new server, new environment.
    You can log in, but your keep name and custom saved decks won't be there. Its an entirely new environment. They'll return Monday or Tuesday.
    that [Kings] is the next group! gotta test the hardware first, engineers need to do their engineering
    yes, kings are first. I can't speak for SB now, but there are a lot of them and we understand they want in asap
    King (and early bird King) are going out today, so check that inbox! Welcome to HEX Alpha!
    yes. there is no NDA. we ask that you make it clear when broadcasting that this is an alpha version.
    you will have all of the cards most of the time during alpha, so that will be reset. once we give you rewards, no reset.
    Some newly invited users are experiencing a bug where they cannot enter a keep name. Our engineers are currently working on the problem.
    15,000 HEX Alpha invites just went out! The process will take several hours. See you in game!
    Be sure to use our new Customer Support portal for any issues you may experience!
    We are aware that some users are experiencing log in issues right now. We are investigating and will update.
    All remaining invites have been sent out for the Alpha! If you have issues please visit our HEX customer service at:

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    Kickstarter Responses

    From Kickstarter Comments:

    Is OSX (Mac) still launching with PC and doing alpha/beta?

    If we can find the engineering resources, we're going to do a Mac alpha client. Currently the client is for PC.
    To be perfectly clear: Our Keepname is what shows up in PvP? So, when I draft, I draft as "schild" not a champion. But when I play PvE, my champion will show up as "thiswasabadidea of schild?"

    I just want to make sure that creating wonkiness between PvE and PvP was a design choice. Or are we going to have separate names for PvP/Tournaments?

    In PVP, if your Lord or Lady is named "ERIC" it'll be CHAMPION NAME of ERIC. So, Gozzog of Eric will appear if you choose the Necrotic Warrior PVP Champion.
    Are the account names the email addresses? Can these be changed? I pledged 3 times with 2 different email addresses, and 2 of those accounts are going to other people (my girlfriend and a good friend) and the one I am going to use is tied to a different email than my normal one. I don't want other people logging in with my email address. I want these to be fully under their control once they are set up, and tied to their email addresses.

    Also, is there any way to change the display name in chat/friends list or something? I am known as Svenn to a lot of people I'll be playing with, but "Lord of Svenn" just isn't right... and picking another display name just seems wrong.

    I see us giving players an option to change those things to their liking for a short period of time, but I don't have any specifics for that.
    Can Keep names contain spaces?

    No spaces.
    That's a bit odd. For example, I'm probably going to name my keep ExoByte, but exobyte is _my_ name, not a place name. Everyone knows that the place i live is known as Fort Awesome. That gives the option of my in game handle being ExoByte, like everywhere else, but my keep name being in-fiction illogical, or having my chat handle be Fort Awesome which is goofy.

    You should consider that you're naming your Lord and Lady ExoByte. I've edited things above to reflect that. Sorry about the confusion.
    How many invites will be going out in the first group and who will bee receiving them?

    That's covered in last week's update: "Our plan for releasing pledges has the Grand Kings and Producers hitting the servers first, and we'll plan our waves around how the servers handle that load and steps we need to take in order to prepare for the next wave."
    Any word on being able to change email/login info for accounts so that I can gift an account to my friend and one to my girlfriend without them having to use my email?

    We'll be covering that sometime in the future, either close to beta or during the closed beta. We certainly don't people stuck in scenarios like the one you outlined for long.
    As far as I can remember, alpha was described as windows-only. Is it confirmed?

    That is correct, though we're always looking at our engineering resources to find a way to get the Mac client parallel with the Windows client. It may take some time since we're in such a crunch right now and we understand the worry of OSX users since games often see Mac users as "second class citizens," but we sold the game as multiplatform and we're committed to that.
    I'm very excited but would like the comprehensive rules. I mean, there have to be bugs we won't be able to track down without them.

    That's on the list of things to do. I think you'll be able to get most of the bugs without comp rules, but some of the finer points will require that document.
    Will alpha access be only for certain tiers, or all backers?

    All backers will receive alpha access. Producers down to Grand Kings get in first, then we'll progressively bring in more people as the engineers give us the greenlight.
    I got really excited for a moment ... checked my pledge and went "awww."; For those who are doing the alpha testing, please give as much feedback and bug reports as you can so it can be released as fast as possible for the rest of us! For the moment, enjoy your fun

    We'll try to get everyone into the game as soon as we can per our hardware, server stability.
    Since I pledged Grand King via Paypal (not KS), when should I expect the invite?

    Players will receive invitations per the pledged tier whether on Kickstarter or PayPal. So, you will receive your invite with the Grand Kings.
    Should we be refreshing the forum, kickstarter or our email for the alpha download?

    You'll receive invites via email, but the Alpha forum will have the information you need.
    Quick question: Will only the producers to GKs be able to download the client initially, or can every download the client while waiting for their turn to be let in to alpha?

    Don't know at this point. It would be nice to allow people to download the client and patch it early so people coming in later aren't spending their first day installing.
    It is indeed FUN!

    And btw... The music is AWESOME!!

    Thanks in bunches CZE.

    One of the largest inconveniences I have found so far is simply cads disappearing from your constructed decks which I reported on in the appropriate thread,

    Look forward to seeing you guys in the game over the weekend!


    Thanks! Yes, we have to tackle disappearing cards. And getting my deck Living Totems 2, 3, and 4!
    Hey I submitted a ticket through the proper channels but I was hoping to maybe get some insight here. The email I had linked to kickstarter was no longer in use and so my invitation was never sent (there was an error notice on kickstarter saying an email had failed to send). I have since updated the email, and received a message on my ticket saying someone is looking into it. I figured it would be a quick fix but it's been over a full day since then so could anyone tell me if there is some kind of ETA on this issue being addressed (or at least how backed up the support is atm)

    We're tackling lots of problems, but we should handle that this afternoon.
    It's definitely been fun. Now if only your gremlins would give me back the other half of my deck that would be greeeeat! This morning I was playing with 166 cards in my deck, this afternoon it was 115, unacceptable! :-p

    For those saying you should never go above 60, I'd say alpha is the time for experimentation and it actually works fairly well(other than half of the deck vanishing.... and no I didn't modify it and forget to save it lol)

    Solid game, just need to iron out a bunch of kinks like pass priority disappearing and cards going MIA!

    For sure! Theoretically, if our client didn't let people play with 100 card decks, that would be a bug so it's good to test things that lie outside regular player behavior.
    Cryptozoic has a good history of saving troubled Kickstartered products =) As for the second wave, we're looking at adding all the $250 tiers but obviously that's something that's not final.
    Pitiful i'm a mac user and at the moment i cannot play the game through partitions or Parallels... I can't wait for enjoying the Alpha with you guys!

    I believe our Mac client had its first test game this weekend, but it's not quite ready for public consumption and our engineering resources are dedicated to getting as many players as possible into the alpha as soon as possible.
    Is there any way for a Mac/tablet use who received the invite to still reserve a keep name? >.<

    Load up in Parallels/Bootcamp at the moment.
    There are going to be, at times, tough choices to make with our resources. We actively made the decision to put all available engineering resources into allowing more players into the HEX alpha as soon as possible. That doesn't mean that other projects are abandoned. It means that we've directed our resources at this goal and once we're far enough along on this goal, we can get back on track with the other projects on the schedule.
    For people who want to change their password. click the "Gear" to bring up the options menu and you'll find you can change passwords. That has been in the client since patch 812-B. You can find the Patch Notes always posted in our HEX Alpha Forums:
    Not really excited that the game has been in Alpha for such a long time, and still so few people are allowed to play. The Alpha stretch goal was a bit misleading.

    As Chris outlined, we must get data to see how different services, methods work and that involves inviting in groups. In hindsight, we would've outlined this had we known at the time, but that result was also a result as of a series of decisions that had yet to be made. We couldn't have outlined the rollout at that time.

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    More Kickstarter Responses

    From Kickstarter Comments:

    I was just barely able to play last night for the first time, and I like the potential for the game. I'd like to see the UI improved to be more accessible (make it easier to browse cards in collection quickly), but it's usable. The game I played went fine except for some cards and abilities being mostly or completely broken.

    My question is what's up with the servers? Sure you guys aren't running the same capacity that you'll need at launch, but it looks like you have a LOT of work to do getting things stable. Considering how important security is (and should be), it's not acceptable for things to desync or break because of server load. I hope you guys have some good queue technology in the works as well as better error handling and transaction verification.

    I'm a little sad the game isn't more playable considering it looked pretty far along in the kickstarter video compared to where it actually is in the alpha build. I'm not sure I'll be playing too much except if you guys ask for a stress test, but I'm looking forward to playing more once it's closer to beta, especially since I'm primarily interested in the PvE content.

    Our engineers are testing various things in various ways to see how they behave. This is to test optimal ways of doing things as well as finding bugs in the code. As I mentioned, our engineers are top-flight with years of experience in addition to Chris Woods who is likely the most experienced digital TCG engineer on the planet. This alpha process is going to reveal many bugs by nature.
    Was hoping to see some information on beta access. I'm in the warrior tier...should i just give up hope on this for a while?

    You should be in soon, but we have to make sure that the client is ready and the hardware is able to safely take everyone on.
    This is an unacceptable period of delay in getting the alpha servers up for your backers. Cyrptozoic, you just received over two million USD from backers in support of your endeavors with an estimated delivery date of Sep. 2013. It is now Nov. 15th and there is still no word of when almost 9000 backers will receive their alpha invitation. All you tell us is that you're testing the servers and that they can't support all of these players at once. Well, I can see the numbers up top. $2m USD is more than enough to buy servers for a million players at once, and if it's a matter of not being able to maintain the servers yourself, I'm sure your developers could phone up Amazon and strike a deal with their Amazon Web Service department and purchase scalable server time from them while you work out the details behind owning your own servers. I'm not excatly convinced that you, Cryptozoic, are putting an effort into developing servers for your beta testers.

    As Chris Lena discussed in a previous update, it's not about raw server power. "Servers" are cheap. When we invite in groups, we get a good signal and good information about which resources need to be increased, which processes need to be streamlined. If we introduced everyone in a mass group, we get nothing but noise and all the bugs, problems overlap.
    There should be a button in the corner of the screen that you can hit to pass priority for the rest of the turn.

    Yes, I know you could just change your options, but a stop-go pass priority button would be a godsend. If my opponent goes first there is nothing I could possibly play during his turn.

    Changing priority so that we can no longer act in response to something fundamentally creates problems and could result in otherwise avoidable losses.

    Collin you do realize that they have to allow access in stages, telling them to sink all of their money into servers is not only short-sighted but flawed, just because the servers can handle the load does NOT mean the software can handle the load.

    2 million is petty cash for a polished game when it comes to the grand scheme of things, anyone that thinks a AAA game can be delivered in a short time frame is naive.

    Personally I wish they had done a later Estimated delivery date, but even then people would complain, at the end of the day it's an ESTIMATE, sometimes estimates can be woefully off.

    I would rather Cryptozoic focus on polishing the game, making sure everything works, and then releases it to the masses rather than rushing a game just to appease people that want immediate gratification.

    Thank you for the input. I just want to address something specifically that you said.

    "Changing priority so that we can no longer act in response to something fundamentally creates problems and could result in otherwise avoidable losses."

    In PVP, there's another player on the other side who's making decisions knowing how the game works, and you're making decisions knowing how the game works. Your opponent is going to make plays specifically with these rules in mind, so your "unavoidable loss" in this situation is a "lockdown win" for the opponent. And when you're on that side, making a play knowing that triggers don't go on the chain, you'll be the benefactor of that particular interaction and you will have secured your "lockdown win." Inevitably, all games end.
    i hope i don't hated for asking this, but... is there any account I should've created for this? I backed this project and been watching some updates but I'm not sure if we are required to create some sort of account and link it to my kickstarter account like some other projects do

    thanks in advance

    You should watch your email account that you had used when the Kickstarter campaign closed. You'll receive an invite to the Alpha test. So far, we've invited all King and above backers.
    Have yet to get the game to open still, Game Login Fail every time, its been two weeks, what the heck...

    Sorry to hear that. Please put in a support ticket into and we'll get it taken care of for you.
    How about a Mac update? I'm not interested in testing until you have the Mac client.

    We continue to work on the Mac client, but I don't want to promise anything at this time. We are just as excited about getting this to you as you are to receive it.
    It would be nice to have at least tiny update on triggered abilities. Some response to community comments, or are there any plans for other solutions to the clicking problem. etc.

    As a matter of fact, the R&D team is discussing this right this very moment. I don't have anything to report yet as these are big decisions and we need to think things through very carefully.
    Ok.. WTF? I am on champion tier and I still don't have an invite? Is there some sort of error here? or I need to wait longer?

    If you put in a ticket to our customer support portal ( we will be able to sort that out for you quickly.
    Where do we sign up for the tournament?

    The tournaments are just simple queues. There will be a tournament screen (that you reach by pressing the "PLAY" button and choosing "Tournaments") where you join the 8-person queue and select your deck. Once that queue reaches 8 people, you'll start your tournament. Winners advance each round.
    How about some Mac updates?!?

    I asked about Mac updates this week and I wasn't able to get an update, but hopefully I'll get some news next week. Sorry for the delay on that.
    When will Warrior Tier get alpha?

    I had my invite person check and you received an invite on 11/19. I've asked that person to send you another invite. You should receive it shortly.

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