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Thread: Problem with Character name - Keep name, offensive combos that you can't filter.

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    It really seems like a non-issue. CZE will contact people with inappropriate names, no doubt, and have them changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
    What you just described IS a complex algorithm...checking one word for profanity, vs checking 2 words combined with 'of' to produce a completely different word and/or a phrase is a lot more complex on its own, let alone the word/phrase list someone would have to create to run the check against.
    Let's use Chi's example again, if you log in and go to make your keep's name Ile, it will check to see if Ile is a banned word. Once it decides that it isn't, and you then go to create a character named ped, it will check to see if ped is a banned word, and once it decides that it isn't a banned word, it will check to see if "pedofile" is a banned word. It checks all 3 times independently and doesn't involve anything complex. The most difficult part would be creating an algorithm to take a list of properly spelled banned words, and create a much larger list where you switch out/add/remove characters to give the same or approximate phonetic word (assuming they don't already have a list like this, I imagine such a thing could be found through google). I completely agree with whoever said that no matter what they do, people will try to sneak in profanity. The ability to report someone for their username should be a good enough addition to thwart anything.

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    Yes but my original point wasn't words that use OF in the middle, it was to create Phrases that become offensive when put together, which is A LOT harder than just looking at a single word made of 3 parts.

    Keepname : Jews (might be banned? but maybe not)
    Character: Gaschamber (might be banned? but probably not)

    Put it together and have a potentially offensive phrase. (This is as risky as I would post on a forum where I don't want to be banned, I am sure there are A LOT more offensive combos that someone will think of)

    My original post was about phrases & words, of which the algorithm is A LOT more complex than just checking a word against a word list.
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    In my experience, people are too easily offended anyway, and eff them.

    That being said, your arguments against the programming being too complex are nonsense. You're clearly not a programmer. I am, and I can tell you, this wouldn't be difficult to program for, if the risk of permanently offending 0.000000000000000001% of the population because their sensitive eyes saw something not nice on the internet for 5 seconds is really that big of a deal. All that is actually required is a report button, and CZE can ban the person as soon as someone blows the whistle on it. WAY less effort. And hey, if we CAN drive away those overly sensitive people by letting a few stupid people slip a few stupid names past the ban list for a brief window, I personally would consider that a bonus.

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    Actually I am, you clearly didn't read my last statement where I said I was on about 'PHRASES being formed' not 'WORDS containing OF' that you could filter ... that was other peoples ideas. If you read the post right above your's it explains that simple words that pass through a word filter checklist can form into sentences that literally no games company is going to put or probably even think of putting on a word filter list.

    I also personally couldn't care less if these things get through the filters, I haven't been offended by anything on the internet since I first stepped in to darknet, so nothing people come up with surprises or shocks me. I am just saying that this shit WILL occur and that someone is going to complain and I purely wanted to know what Crypto's stance on it all is, because I want to know what they intend to be like as a company and how they deal with the clients. Which was my initial intention of this topic.

    I wanted to know if they were going to go with a "LOL" style Report button, and if I am going to have to deal with people who say REPORT (even tho I haven't broken any of the report-able rules), or if they are going to handle it different, manage it behind the scenes, actually create the phrase filtering system/list, ignore all abuse/offence or some other idea etc. etc. etc.
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    You can be assured that Crypto's stance will be the same as that of most other family-friendly games: zero tolerance on explicitly sexual, racist, profane, etc. names.

    Is it something that really needs to be asked or that they need to make a statement on?

    The one aspect I am curious about is the gray area of drug references, political references, religious references, nationalistic references, etc. There's a big difference between Ped of Ile and Can of Bis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoikPEI View Post
    >just include it in the band filter
    Keep Name: The Doctor
    Champion: Ham

    Ham of The Doctor

    I just got flagged by X-box

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    I thought the Keep name was displayed in PvP.

    Cause in PvE if you're alone or with friends, who cares about your name and the bad puns you could have?


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    Or, we could all just act like a mature gaming community and eliminate the need for filters. Just sayin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lafoote View Post
    Or, we could all just act like a mature gaming community and eliminate the need for filters. Just sayin'
    Ummm this is the internet sir. All ages allowed.

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