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Thread: Graphical error on load up screen

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    I have the same issue, installing flash, restarting and repairing doesn't do anything :/


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    I wonder if it has something to do will the graphics files not downloading properly. I'm waiting for my download to finish and noticed it isn't downloading all the files properly. On some of them it seems to time out and moves on to the next file. Here is a look at my card images folder:

    Maybe it is doing the same thing to other files.
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    I think this is it exactly, I'm a few repair installs in, it seems to get a little better each time.
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    Aye it works for me now, someone accept my challenges!!!


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    Repairing over and over, same pink thing every time.

    Still repairing, doesn't seem to be making any progress that I can see.
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    Repairing has made no progress, just repairing the same files over and over. I'll probably just have to wait until they get their shit sorted out and redownload the whole thing from scratch, I can't think of any other option at this point.

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    Happened in my game too. Tried repairing, didn't help. May redownload. It's still possible to log in: just start typing in your e-mail, tab to password and click login.

    I guess PC specs?
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    Yeh I got this same problem now and managed to get in game by tabbin to put password in, but graphics were completely corrupt in game

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    was getting same purple square thing, really just running the repair tool about 10x over and over and over finally i was able to get in
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    Getting the same problem here after 4 repairs. On to number 5. I can't tab to anything on my screen or click on anything. Just the entire screen of a rotating pink/purple cube.
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