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Thread: Bug: Menacing Gralk

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    Bug: Menacing Gralk - Broken

    I did this once against a player and decided to not use players as guinea pigs. Instead, I reproduced this consistently against an A.I. player.

    1. Play Menacing Gralk.
    2. Everything SEEMS to go into effect correctly. Opponents troops are exhausted.
    3. During your opponent's next ready step their troops will ready and immediately become exhausted.
    4. Any troop that is played during that turn will also immediately be exhausted. This is where you'll notice something is wrong.
    5. Your opponent's second turn after you play Menacing Gralk their troops still will not ready. Also, any troops played will be exhausted immediately.
    6. (Edit) This effect stays in place even after the Menacing Gralk is removed from play. I've tested it with both Murder and Burn spells.

    A few things I noticed, your opponent's troops will ready during the ready step and then be exhausted. I'm guessing that an effect that exhausts all of your opponent's troops is tacked onto the end of the ready step? Maybe the Gralk's effect is looping constantly? I'm not really sure. Considering it is exhausting troops as soon as they're played I feel like it could also just be some sort of constant effect that doesn't end properly.

    Edit: If someone would like to help me test, I would like to see how this card reacts to troops with Steadfast. These A.I. opponents won't play one.
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    I can confirm as multiple real people played this against me. Cards are exhausted forever; new cards played are immediately exhausted.
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    Same here

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    Confirmed as well.
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    I observed this bug as well when I was watching a player stream. The same bug occurred almost exactly as described here, except that battle hoppers created through playing the card Runts of the Litter and the champion ability of Monika'shin were not affected, and were able to ready and exhaust as normal. You can watch a recording of the bug take place here:

    The menacing gralk is played at the 38:20 mark, the champion ability is used at 39:10, a troop is summoned and comes into play exhausted at the 41:50 mark, Troops ready and then exhaust at the 43:20 mark, and finally Runts is played at 44:05. Hope this helps.

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    Additional notes about Gralk:

    The token card Silver Talon Senator remained untapped when the AI played the Wizard to generate it.

    Time ripple on my own Gralk (to remove him from play) still caused the troops to re-exhaust on all subsequent turns. (Including new troops played)

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    Also confirmed. It's a perma-exhaust regardless of whether the bird stays in play or not

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    Confirmed as well. Pretty much makes this the most OP card in all of alpha.

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