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Thread: Game Login Failed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krenos View Post
    I apologize if this came off rude, but you should not make assumptions based off the 15 or so posts made without checking timestamps.
    You should not make assumptions that I responded to your thread. I didn't. The mods eventually combined 5 threads all saying the same thing.

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    Welp... This is happenign to me now at 7:26 pm Eastern time.

    Game Login Failed. it was working fine, then i was forced to do a windows update, and now i can't reconnect.

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    Like others I was able to log in earlier, but now I try with same user name and password and cannot get in.

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    Server was down for a while. If that''s not it, close client and relaunch. Then attempt a repair.

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    As of 10:00 PM EST, I'm now unable to login to the server. Keeps saying "Game login failed".

    Had played about 5 games against AI. Built a deck. Tried to play against someone else but it froze. Restarted and then couldn't log back in. Did a repair twice to no avail...

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    "Game login failed."

    Enter my username & password "Loading Data" bar appears at the bottom for one second, then the generic error.

    Since others are reporting it right now, might be safe to assume the servers (or at least login server) is down. But without knowing, its hard to be sure.

    There should be a stickied "server status" thread... where people can inform each other, or just use this thread for it.

    Because without knowing the server status, how do I know if I have a client problem, or an account problem (I wasn't able to login this morning either, this is only 2nd time I've been able to try)

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    I'm getting this issue right now.

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    Still keep getting this, haven't been able to login at all yet.
    Would be nice to get an official response on this...

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