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Thread: Suggestion: Tutorial

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    Suggestion: Tutorial

    I feel that this game needs a tutorial option when you first enter the game and with the option to skip it for the veteran players. It can be confusing to a new player (who did not go to the web site/ forums and look things up) when they first enter the game. It should mirror something akin to the tutorial of MTG: 2014.

    Each phase shows the player a little more about the basics of the game, for instance, the first phase would have a only resources and troops and include a highlight-able overview/ pop-up tooltip of what everything on a card means and a basic description of what each type of card is used for. Then gradually add more card types and abilities to more phases until the last phase is a full match against the AI using a normal pre-made deck.

    It should also include a break down of champions and what their abilities/ purpose is. What charge powers are and how they function, ect. There should also be an explanation of what each section of the playing field is and what cards can go into each section.

    There should also be a basic tutorial for deck building in the deck builders section to give new players an idea of the basic setup of how a basic balanced deck should look like; number or ratio of resources to other cards, spread of troop cost, ect. Possibly include a break down of what common deck terms mean (removal, counters, stalls, ect).

    Finally, there should always be an option to turn on tooltip for all of the abilities and card symbols with it defaulted to on. This should be across all forms of play; tutorial, AI, PVP challenges, and eventually PVE play.

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    There will be a tutorial. This is a barebones Alpha build.

    Give CZE some credit: of -course- they are planning on putting in tutorials.

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    I think they've already even stated on record that a tutorial is planned.

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    This is the problem with releasing Alpha testing to the "public"....people are expecting Beta-level stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larryhl View Post
    This is the problem with releasing Alpha testing to the "public"....people are expecting release-level stuff.
    fixed. you know it's true.

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    Cory has said that there will be an interactive fully fleshed out tutorial (i wouldn't expect it for Alpha though) check 0:31:00

    More on tutorial check 0:10:55

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    Wasn't teaching people important strategic concepts one of the major goals of PVE as well?
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    Yeah, the entire game will be scaffolded with a massive PvE tutorial and intro. Of COURSE that's not in alpha.
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    As long as this is the level we're going for, I'd like to suggest that they don't just give everybody free cards, but instead sell packs. And I'd further suggest they have tournaments and drafts where people can win packs.

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    Hey all,

    I recommend people check out Ben Stoll's Pre-Alpha Hex tutorial created for the Kickstarter page:

    I'm working on a tutorial right now to help people through Alpha (and Beta when it happens). For those of you who have played TCGs, Ben's video is detailed enough to get a grasp on how to play. If you haven't played a TCG, you'll probably feel like a fish out of water when you watch that video. You may catch onto some things, but this is where I feel a very, very elementary video would be helpful.

    I could put something together that's quick and dirty, but I'd like it to be decent quality. I'll be sure to post it when I finish it within the next week.
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