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    Blood Burn

    This has been my favorite deck so far. It's kinda lacking in the troop department, so I'm hoping everyone will be able to provide some suggestions. Perhaps I'll have to wait until more cards are revealed.

    Resources - 23
    12 Blood Shard
    11 Ruby Shard

    Troops - 14
    4 Wailing Banshee
    4 Giant Corpse Fly
    4 Corrupt Harvester
    2 High Tomb Lord

    Basic Action - 14
    3 Life Siphon
    4 Call of the Grave
    4 Ragefire
    2 Heatwave
    1 Extinction

    Quick Action - 7
    4 Burn
    3 Murder

    Constant - 2
    2 Pact of Pain

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    Hey again Darkwonders. As we discussed in our game, here's my similar deck composition:

    Resources - 26
    13x Blood Shard
    13x Ruby Shard

    Troops - 6
    2x High Tomb Lord
    4x Giant Corpse Fly

    Basic Action - 18
    4x Life Siphon
    4x Extinction
    4x Burn to the Ground
    4x Ragefire
    2x Heat Wave

    Quick Action - 8
    4x Murder
    4x Burn

    Constant - 2
    2x Pact of Pain

    Total - 60 Cards

    Between the Pact of Pains and Giant Corpse Flies you get some card advantage. Add to that Extinction and/or Heat Wave knocking off 2 or more creatures and you further get card advantage. After that, it's just a matter of laying down the High Tomb Lord and/or burning the opponent down with any combination of Ragefire, Burn, Burn to the Ground, and Life Siphon + Gozzog's ability.

    Amusingly, the Giant Corpse Fly can actually do some damage too because you can just burn down any opposing creatures. That and you don't have to worry about having them as casualties to your area effect spells, because it just makes your High Tomb Lord that much stronger.

    I was considering dropping 2 Burn to the Grounds for 2 Misfortunes, but not sure on that one yet. I.e. more card advantage and champion damage.
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    I'm going to offer the idea of a sub-optimal card:

    Consider Blood Thrall.

    It's a pretty bad card- but consider: You have three cards with pretty big evasion: Banshee, Corpse Fly, and Harvester. You could do some serious damage to a player's hand with a well timed Blood Thrall.

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    I've been considering a very similar Blood/Ruby control deck.!/deck=392

    The Fiendish Cabalists are actually Ruby Arc from the game files (same cost/threshold is why I am using it as a placeholder - Deal 3 damage divided as you choose among any number of target champions and/or troops).

    I like Ash Harpy as a finisher over High Tomb Lord. The evasion gets around annoy Lixil The Deathless Gem. It should also be able to kill the opponent faster then Tomb Lord if you fight another creature light deck, or they can pop more chump blockers out after a wipe (Worker Bot Factory, etc).

    Bombsmith and Xentoth's Inquisitor are strong against aggro decks in my limited testing, but they are the two cards most likely to be changed.

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    oh man. Shards of fate is gonna work so nicely in dual color decks. My issue always has been I have enough resources, just it's usually a 3/1 or 4/1 when lots of cards on both sides require 2 for the threshold. Good to see it balanced in not actually giving you a resource. Just a charge + threshold.

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    Shards of Fate actually does give a resources, just not a temporary one for that turn. So you'll be getting more resources the next turn. Not sure if that is what you meant, but it's more than just a charge and threshold. It'd actually be pretty awful for just a charge and threshold, I would think. At that point, I'd rather play the Adaptible infusion device.
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    oh ok. the site didn't say that it got a resource, so I wasn't sure. If it delays it a turn, then that works too.

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