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Thread: Streaming YOUR deck, (Wednesday the 16th)

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    Streaming YOUR deck, (Wednesday the 16th)

    This is a chance for all of you guys who aren't in the alpha to get a chance to mess around with your decks and see if they actually work the way you had intended. Tomorrow after work I want to offer up my stream and my playtime to those of you who are interested in specific deck concepts / ideas. (SHOULD be around at 6 pm EST (I Might take a bike ride which will delay the streaming by an hour or so.))

    I will be on my stream, and will make the deck of your choosing and play it against whoever happens to be online at the time. I will pay attention to the chat and follow your guidance as to how the deck should be played.

    I am by no means an experienced TCG player, and I would look at this as a learning experience, as well as an opportunity to interact with members of the community. Hopefully this is something that appeals to those of you who backed lower tiers, and will result in positive feedback and attitudes all around.

    If you are interested, you can post your deck ideas here, or you can come to my stream channel Wednesday the 16th and we can build some decks according to your specifications. I will check this post again tomorrow during my lunch break at work (2pm EST), in the event people are interested in this happening a post or two here would be a great motivator for me to skip the bike ride.

    My twitch is:

    Tl;Dr: 10/16/13 6pm(ish) I will make the deck you want to see played, and play it the way you want it to be played.

    If this becomes a successful endeavor, I will do it again in a few days to offer up a chance for others to play around with deck ideas.
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    Zero interest in this? Sad news... Still a few hours for people to post / meet up with my in my stream tonight.

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    Pretty sure that twitch promotion threads go in the fansite forums.
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    It's not so much promoting my twitch, as it is trying to give people in the community who are sitting on their hands a chance to get hands on (for lack of a better term) with the game.

    I honestly could care less about who watches my stream. I'm in no way, nor will i ever be, a professional streamer.

    But, i'll copy and paste it there, to see if it can generate some interest. I think it would be cool for some people to get a chance to see their unconventional decks in action.

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    I did a bit of impromptu "make and play with viewer decks" a few days ago. You may run into viewer decks that may have common issues like not having enough shards. If you can fit it in, doing a bit of analysis of the decks you build from viewers, especially if the deck author is there and can discuss what went into the deck, can prove entertaining and educational.

    It really helps if your viewers build decks with a tool that lets you view it in a form that's convenient for you. For me, opening up viewer decks in TCGBrowser was easy and convenient.
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    Well.. I did this idea with one of my good friends, where I built a deck that was entirely of his design, and I played it with him on the stream. It was a good time, and I got to see how other people build their decks. I just thought it would be a nice way to give to those community members who are unable to play a chance to get hands on with Hex.

    I pretty much have no plans for tonight, so I was going to stream for like 5 hours if I could get some people interested in having their decks made / played.

    Still about 3 hours for some people to show interest in this idea. Or they can just show up at my stream at 6 pm. first come, first served.

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