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Thread: Are Lord/Lady names case sensitive?

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    Are Lord/Lady names case sensitive?

    Are lord/lady names case sensitive? I doubt anyone has been able to try it yet because very few people would have more than 1 account and would want to try to set both of them to the same name.

    If they are case sensitive then I think they not be should be (meaning madcap and Madcap are treated as the same name). I think there is potential for scamming/impersonating if Madcap and madcap are considered different names.

    Along the same lines, do lord/lady names allow spaces or special characters ('Madcap' vs 'Madcap ')? What if I try pasting in unicode. These are all things I'll try out once I can create more than 1 account but perhaps this is something you can address first.

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    Whispers go to the same place between Madcap and madcap.

    And No spaces will be allowed in release as of the last thing I heard about it. The naming filters weren't in place yet and everyone with a space in their name will likely have to pick a different name.
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    On a similar note, how can I see my keep name? During account creation, something happened so I'm not sure what is my account name now.

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    Easy way - Start an AI game and you should see "ChampionName of LordSkull" in the bottom left corner.
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