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Thread: Want to apply to CZE's Apprentice Program?

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    Want to apply to CZE's Apprentice Program?

    Decided to post a thread containing all shared info regarding cze's apprentice program as requested by Bloodiron

    1) What is the Apprentice program?

    We have started a program to recruit and train our future star designers; we give each apprentice a three month paid position here in Lake Forest, CA and spend that time teaching them our tools and methodology. At the end of the three months we either offer the apprentice an associate game designer role or thank them for their hard work and hope sincerely that the program helped them toward finding their place in the game industry.

    2) What skillset is required ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaqattaq View Post
    If someone is coming from a QA or programming background and knows how to script, then that's great. That's definitely a skillset that will come in handy. But that's not a pre-requisite for this. We're looking for people who may enjoy designing systems (like maybe a tabletop RPG), designing cards, can fine-tune the numbers on cards, and can wrap up a bunch of pieces into a dungeon experience. All those I just listed are far more important, though a candidate not need to have all of those skills or interests.
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    Hey! I should have chimed into this earlier with some answers

    But here you go
    - This is a game design program, sadly I am not sure we are set up for training in any of the other fields we cover, I will say on the art side we hire 100s of people (professional artists) as freelancers and always need more.
    - The skillset for game designer, this is pretty wide open, clearly a deep understanding of games (if you want to design games you should be soaking up the available resources online to educate yourself)
    3) Job info & further details

    Quote Originally Posted by Cory_Jones View Post
    - The program pays 12US per hour, its an hourly position, this is a 3 month contract and is closer to an paid internship, as we vet the candidate for a permanent position in R&D (which offers salary in the “game designer” range)
    4) For how long is this program going to be offered ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cory_Jones View Post
    Its ongoing, we are always looking for super talent, that said it will depend on where the team is at in terms of size and content we need to create
    5) Where do i apply?

    If you’re interested, you can send in your resume to You must fill in the email subject line with “HEX Apprentice” when you send it to us. The first skill we’re checking is “can you fill in a data field and follow instructions?” We’ll send you a design test and hopefully that’ll be the first step to your new career. Good luck!

    6) In addition if you are an engineer

    Quote Originally Posted by Cory_Jones View Post
    Side note: I have noticed a few engineers on this thread; we are still looking for qualified engineers, please feel free to reach out to us (put Engineer in the email header)
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    Questions about hex? Check my FAQ, Want to work as a game designer?CZE's Apprentiship Program

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    Just noticed this...Shadowelf, you are indeed amazing

    Has anyone heard from CZE about moving on? Is there stages beyond the initial testing? I know it's been pretty quiet regarding news about this beyond they are working through the hundreds of applications. I wonder if they're holding off telling people that are advancing until they have a handful or something...

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    Thanks for posting this! Hopefully this program will still be around in a couple of years when I'm ready to apply for it!

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