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Thread: Faction decks, an idea?

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    Faction decks, an idea?

    Hello, I had an idea, and well... basically it started off from me thinking about how there are theme armies in warhammer 40k and I guess just in general warhammer...(the miniature wargame) and how it would be cool, because this games going to have a book, and MMO qualities...if you some how made theme and narrative based decks a cool sort of thing to acquire and fun to play...sort of like a new form of qwerky deck thats fun to do.


    What if, when you played with a deck, of a certain faction restriction.

    If you won with that deck, your win got counted towards that faction. In some larger meta game faction war thing.

    I suggest this, because it looks like that would actually have some viable decks with how factions are atm. associated with certain mechanics and that, that might create a new fun mechanism to add to the MMO portion of the game.

    What do the lot of you think of that?

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    I think it's an awesome idea, and I'd be surprised if CzE wasn't already thinking of a game mode to take advantage of that. Opens the game up to possibilities of basing actual plot off of what is happening amongst the faction decks.

    One more thing to keep me excited for the first two years after release, when the focus is on new features rather than fixing and implementing standard ones.
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    I mentioned something like this. A type of community event.
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    i thought that was what PVE is going to be in the first place...
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    I've always assumed that's the direction the game is going in, else why have two factions in the fast place.

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    I like this idea.

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    Yeah this would be pretty dang sweet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtopher View Post
    I've always assumed that's the direction the game is going in, else why have two factions in the fast place.
    It helps with telling the story of each set and block as well as giving the game flavor rather than meaningless zombie vs bear every game. One of the things I actually miss from older MTG sets was getting a sealed deck or tournament pack and it came with a small 20ish page book that had a bit of storyline with where the characters in the world were. It gave the cards a lot of flavor and when you played cards like Furnace of Rath you could identify the art as a story point in the book.

    As for the idea of faction battles, I am sure we will see events like that in the future. I wouldn't count on them being constant or anything because it is weird to enforce deckbuilding rules all the time, but I could easily see events like this in the future. Especially for things like the tournaments where you have 6 hours to play as much as possible to climb a ladder. That way you could enter, have deck requirements and a faction declaration and track stats for that easily, give prizes to all of the winning faction etc.

    Looking at PvE we have things like the yearly arena with the current Giant Squirrels VS Dinosaurs(could be something else, feel free to correct.) These will add a lot of flavor in choosing sides, especially since you can only participate as one side and can never have both factions cards on your account.
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    Actually, I'd like to see something from another tabletop game: Hordes/Warmachine. In that you can put together special army lists that if you follow certain rules (only certain amounts of troops of certain types) then you get a special bonus.

    This is more for PvE... but if you put together an entire Shin'Hare only deck, for example, then you get a small bonus of some type (not sure what the bonuses would be, something different for each theme). Maybe you start with a battle hopper in play or something.

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    They could just have an on-going factional war queue - you enter with decks comprising at least one (argent/underwworld) character and none from the opposing side.

    Or just have this running in the background. Track the results somewhere, maybe tie it into which faction your keep belongs to...a lot they could do really. Plenty of wide open design space here.

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