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Thread: Urunaaz getting Urunaaz

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    Urunaaz getting Urunaaz

    TITLE: Urunaaz getting Urunaaz

    DESCRIPTION: If you use an Urunaaz to get an opposing Urunaaz from their graveyard it leaves multiple triggers on the stack without anything happening. The game seems to get confused perhaps with the unique aspect or something else entirely? Note that play will continue for a little bit but the abilities are still on the stack. At some point closely thereafter the game will crash entirely.


    -Have an opponent's Urunaaz in their graveyard.
    -Attack with your own and target their Urunaaz.
    -Try playing for another turn or so.
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    PARADOX, you can't ressurect urunaaz with an urunaaz because the urunaaz will cause the other urunaaz to have never existed and then the urunaaz cannot have resurrected the urunaaz.

    It's the age old question,

    What came first, the Urunaaz or the Urunaaz?

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    Trying it myself today, it didnt crash the game but the 2nd Urunaaz didnt trigger its ability and getting the first via Call of the Grave didnt trigger the ability of that one either.

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    This is why CZE needs to have 'come into play' effects only trigger once the card hits the board, then start a new stack. No confusion, no mess.

    Frankly, I don't even know how it is meant to work in the current implementation, because it is pretty messy.
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