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Thread: CHRIS worship thread

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    CHRIS worship thread

    Chris -the server fixer- Woods

    fixed the servers at 8pm GMT on a sunday
    when they were broken since Friday...

    thank you
    Timezone: GMT+1

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    Muchos gracias! :-)

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    Wow so I asked for it on the forums less than an hour ago and they fixed it? Very nice work Chris, thanks =)

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    nonono, this problem is known long

    he worked on this with his team for quite a while on this weekend not jsut an hour!
    Timezone: GMT+1

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    We have an amazing group of engineers. Many of them stayed over and have been working endlessly since Friday to fix the server issues. Also a big thank you goes out to our amazing community for the patience and support you have given us during this time.


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    Does that mean tournaments are working now?

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    Speaking of engineer worship. Datadragon compelled me to try the big hot pastrami sandwich. And it is quite good. Well done sir.
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    All hail the might Chris!

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