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Thread: Client Hotkeys/shortcuts

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    Client Hotkeys/shortcuts

    Post here to help compile a list of helpful shortcuts/hotkeys.

    Double click a card with a single activated ability.
    When zoomed in on a card in your deck (or in your collection) you can navigate with up and down arrow.
    Hold Ctrl when playing a card to maintain priority.
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    How about ctrl+a or something like that, to select attack with all.
    Then you can unselect any you don't want to attack with.
    I've had times when I've had 50+ creatures I want to attack with. Kinda annoying having to select each one individually.
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    End turn would be nice. It can be slow to play a land in your first mainphase then have to click a bunch to get through all the other phases.

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    Keldrin and Morgoroth, I believe Hammer is actually trying to make a list of hotkeys/tips that are currently in the game.

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    Hi all,

    This seemed like the best existing location for me to ask this question. Is there presently a keyboard shortcut/hotkey to effectively pass the turn once you are done making plays, in order to conserve time? A certain other digital TCG program uses the F6 key to accomplish this, and I was wondering if the Hex Beta client has an equivalent. I have hardly played Hex thus far, and I timed out in the third game of a draft match shortly ago... so I would like to try to mitigate the chances of that happening regularly, if possible. Thanks much in advance if anyone has an answer one way or the other.
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    You are posting in the wrong forum. This is the alpha forum. It's been defunct since April. Please go to the BETA bug report forum to report any problems. Nobody is reading this forum anymore.

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