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Thread: Homebrew DBG

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    Homebrew DBG

    I have created an alpha version of a Harry Potter DBG but am quite frankly not going anywhere with it (time, resources, etc.) I thought I would share it and see if anyone had any thoughts. It has gone through a fair bit of changes and some play testing.

    My wife is a huge Harry Potter nerd, and so I attempted to do my best to capture the essence of the world with her help. There are three main things in that link: rules, alpha cards (some need minor editing) and an updated list
    of all the cards. I appreciate feedback, enjoy!
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    By a strange coincidence, I am working on a Harry Potter game utilizing a modified form of the Cerberus: Middle-earth engine. I had completed all the card templates when I happened upon this post. If you don't mind, I'd like to try to combine both of our ideas into a single game. It will mostly consist of the cards you've created, with slight alterations in wording and mechanics. I can post some mock ups of a few of your cards if you like.

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    What a random-crazy-happenstance! That would be wonderful, I have not really touched this much since last summer when I first made it. The spreadsheet is up to date with play-testing results, so my alpha cards are not all current. I look forward to seeing what you pull together (I am not tech/art savvy enough to do your step).

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    I would love to see Cryptozoic make this a reality. A Harry Potter deck builder with the Cerberus engine would be fantastic, and the property has plenty of material for expansions. Definitely a wealth of material and a for-sure money-maker for Cryptozoic. However, Rowling and Warner Bros. are notoriously stingy with their licensing (and honestly, I can't blame them) and it may be more of a hassle than Cryptozoic would want to deal with. If they could pull it off they would have a real winner on their hands, though.

    I'd be very curious to hear Matt's thoughts on this.

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    I'm sure it would turn out pretty cool.
    But like you say, unknown how anxious JKR and Co are to do one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_Hyra View Post
    I'm sure it would turn out pretty cool.
    But like you say, unknown how anxious JKR and Co are to do one.

    The last book should have been called "Harry Potter and the Giant Cash Grab" based on some of the official merch. No reason to avoid pitching a Cerberus engine game.

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    Have you had any luck with creating some mock-ups?

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    I have about 90% of the cards created. I decided to create unique card effects for all the cards except "Chocolate Frogs", as they will act as this games "Suicide Squad". Once I get the cards 100% complete I'll post some mock ups and a link to download the finished product for playtesting.

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    Excellent idea with the chocolate frogs. I was thinking of making the Horcruxes the Suicide Squads of this game, since there are six (discounting Harry, wouldn't want to waste him on a cookie-cutter card).

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    I'm also working on a homebrew DBG using a variation of the Cerberus Engine, and I have a few design questions that I want to throw out to the public. I'll use the same card type names as the DC DBG for clarity's sake.

    Superhero Abilities vs. Unique Starters

    In the DC DBG every Superhero has a passive ability; in the LotR DBG each character begins with a unique starter item in his/her deck. Which version do you think works better? Is it too complex to have BOTH systems in place at once? (i.e. Batman begins with Robin in his deck in addition to his Equipment power bonus).

    Locations: Too Powerful?

    I personally feel that the Location cards in the DC DBG are five of the best cards in the game. Especially when your Superhero's power synergizes with the card (i.e. Superman controlling the Fortress of Solitude). I like the idea of Locations being rare, useful cards, but I'm not sure how to adjust them for balance's sake. Should I make them very expensive buys (6 or 7 power?), nerf their abilities somewhat (maybe small power bonuses instead of free draws?), or just try to keep them basically the same?

    A few sample Superhero abilities

    Here are a few abilities that I'm thinking of using for my homebrew game's Superhero cards. Do they sound decent? I will definitely crib some DC DBG Superhero abilities for my homebrewed game, but I wanted to make a few unique ones too:

    "Locations cost 1 less to buy and Supervillains cost 1 less to defeat."

    Basically this Superhero would focus on the rare, strong stuff, with success depending on defeating Supervillains and drawing Locations. I'm honestly not sure if this ability is too strong OR too luck-based. Could go either way.

    "At the start of your turn, you may reveal two identical cards in your hand. Discard one of them and draw a card."

    This is intended to give players an out if they are drawing a bunch of Punches, Vulnerabilities, or early-game low-cost cards. It's like a more versatile version of Batgirl's ability, but I'm worried that it's too strong.

    "Whenever you play an Attack, you may choose not to activate the Attack and receive +2 Power instead."

    I'm not sure if the ability is too strong (can turn cheap Attack cards into huge bonuses), too specific (only Villains and Supervillains have Attacks), or too boring, as I'm in favor of lots of Attacks and Defenses in a game. I like the idea of giving up a card's ability for a different bonus, but I'm not sure if this is the right way to do it. I don't want to change it to a +1 bonus, because that would just be a worse version of Black Canary.


    Sorry for the possible TL;DR there. I want all the feedback and criticism I can get! I only have half the card abilities written out and I'm still messing around with Photoshop for a card look that I'm comfortable with. I'll post pics once I have something!

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