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Thread: Sealed Tournament Bug Report Thread

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    Tournament 1029
    I won my first round match because the opponent ran out of time. The other two matches of the first round (no idea what happened to the fourth) are still at 0/0 and have been like this for a while, but the tournament still shows 5/8 players remaining.

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    Tournament# 1062

    First game played fine. Second game was fine. Third game started to load and then there was error "Unable to load game, please try again" or something to that effect...the game puts you back into the tournament lobby. The match status says its "In Progress" but I am stuck in the game lobby with no way to "try again" to join the game. Been stuck for about 20 minutes or so.

    Also seems like all the other games are "In Progress" and there has been no update to the game stats as I've been here for 20 minutes and you'd expect at least one game to have finished by now.

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    First tournament attempt:

    Building deck process goes fine
    Game starts, "Unknown player vs Unknown opponent player'
    Close client, Re-open...Reconnects to game successfully onto the keep/draw new hand
    -BUT with a dark grey, shaded overlay of the coin that chooses who goes first, making it hard to see what my cards were (ended up on an atrocious unplayable hand xD

    Second tournament attempt:
    Deck building goes fine, when it's time for the match to simply just stays on "Next Game Starts In: 00:00"

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    Tournament 1096. Finished deck, started game, said cannot initialize try again later...

    My match, however says 0-0 and in progress. Trying to relog. Reconnected, I can see my hand in the background... here we go. It seems my opponent is lagging out too, his timer is already at 26:00. Not too excited about winning by forfeit. Hmm, just noticed chat box not responsive to input, maybe I'm the one lagging? Relogging again. Looks same as before, but now opponent is down to 22:25. Shouldn't it have forfeit at 5 minutes inactive? Maybe they changed it for Sealed. Both times, it's been asking me to pass priority, but doesn't say for what and won't accept. Just got Victory, guess he lagged out. Continue kicks me to Proving Grounds. I go to tournament tab, find 1096 and double click it. I enter a blank lobby with no button labels or any data at all. Relogging again. This time relog did not offer me to reconnect to game. I click tournaments. I click into 1096, same story as before. Clicking the unlabeled button bottom left gets me back to tournament home. Requeue for a new tourney works, so I guess I was booted from 1096.
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    Tournament 1098.
    Clicked save with 5 seconds left. Went to tournament lobby, shows me as eliminated. Lame.

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    Tournament 1104... built and saved my deck, waited for the timer to run out, a match started and immediately failed with "could not initialize game", booted me to the tournament lobby, my game wasn't listed; one player was listed as eliminated (not me) but it said there were only 6/8 players in the tournament. I clicked Forfeit and it dropped me back to home. Moments later it asked me if I wanted to reconnect to my in-progress game; I clicked reconnect, it took me to a game that immediately failed with "could not initialize game", booted me to the tournament lobby...

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    I entered into a sealed tournament. First, it was functioning normally, but it did not allow me to socket gems into troops. Then, after I saved my deck and some time passed, suddenly every card in my library was available and gems were possible for insertion.

    EDIT: By every, I mean the entire library of cards, not just those drawn during the sealed tournament.

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    First two sealed tournaments I lost do to time, both in game 3s, despite not walking away or anything, just taking time to think and playing at what I thought was reasonable leisurely pace. Third time everything was going fine till in the middle of game to my opponent stopped doing anything, he was playing even faster then me so I texted him to see if something was wrong but didn't get a response, then after about 3 minutes I was sent to the lobby where it told me I had won as had some one else. Sat there for about an hour (still in there now actually) but nothing changed. The match screen on the left continually flickers (as previously reported by other people in this thread) but did update once, going from showing the two winners (myself and some one else) to the three winners, and the players remaining dropped from 6 to 4, but the fourth group shows as 0-0 with no winner reported. I'm guessing that groups game glitched out in some way so that a winner wasn't determined but the 3 of us that did win can't proceed because the game is waiting for 4 winners before the next round starts.

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    Time Bug
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    Tournament 1109

    FYI, the save deck before tourney start took only 5 seconds this time - happiness

    Tournament started with 3:12 remaining - does it just match up the first two people who finish building?

    I ran out of time, so in the sideboard phase between games, I clicked on Forefit and then went to the Card Manager
    It then brought me back to start the game with my opponent
    After the coinflip happened, it chucked me back in the tournament lobby without the "Defeat" splash screen
    Thankfully I was able to exit the lobby without any problems


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    Correct me if wrong, but I thought that with sealed in Hex there would be no limit to the amount of same cards you could put in your deck.

    Tournament 1119: I received 5x Thunderbird, but with all 5 in my deck it was shown as not valid. Only with a maximum of 4 was I able to save the deck. Hopefully this will be corrected as one of the nice quirks of sealed is the surprise of more than 4 of one card.

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