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Thread: Sealed Tournament Bug Report Thread

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    1273: I made it through the first round in straight matches. I lost the first game in the second round, and after making changes to my deck the coin flip led to the dreaded unable to start game. I was able to chat with my opponent, who said he/she was fine. I logged out and logged back in and attempted to reconnect only to receive the same unable to start game message.

    Match in Question was game 2 of Swordil vs Heart of the Cards.

    Edit: Also, as has been reported elsewhere...after the relog/failure, I was dumped into an empty tournament screen. I had to relog again in order to cease this behavior.
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    1283: Auto won first round due to opponent not appearing, though it has myself versus myself in the bracket and me winnning 1-0. No update after 30minutes of tournament, so I took this screenshot: 1283 after I exited the client and restarted.

    Another issue that I am sure you are aware of is that there is no timer showing in the lobby area.

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    Tournament 1283

    So... something's changed behind the scenes?

    1. Before the start of every match, we were purposely taken to the lobby first for a few seconds
    2. When my opponent was eliminated, for the first few seconds after the second match was over, in the lobby screen, I saw
    (Eliminated) next to their name. This disappeared after a couple of refreshes of the list.

    Apart from that, same old.

    2 games still showing "In Progress" at 0-0 after ~40 minutes and 1 showing as completed after 1-0

    Forefit after 10 min of waiting.


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    Video of Sealed during last Sunday when we had that large spike in user log ins

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    Tournament 1313

    Except for the fact that it got stuck at first round as always, I noticed something new:
    one of the matchups was "Fly vs Fly"
    IE one of the player was matched against himself...
    The match ended the moment the deck building phase ended with Fly beating himself 1-0 and match state changed to "complete".
    On the other hand, user HexAlpha did not get matched against anyone (was likely supposed to be Fly's opponent).

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    Was playing in Tournament 1319. My opponent was unable to play his turn, so the clock proceeded to run and he didn't forfeit. Timer went into negative time so the match didn't end until I forfeited.

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    Tournament 1324

    First game, opponenet used Construction Plans War Hulk and bugged things out. He conceded. Second game went normally, and I won. Dumped to tournament lobby, I found the other three games at 0-0, 1-0, and 0-1. The screen was flickering periodically for no apparent reason. After waiting another 20 minutes, the game stats never changed. I closed Hex and relogged. The game did not offer me to reconnect to my tournament. Going and manually clicking it in the tournament page just took me to a blank lobby.

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    New bugs today. Tried to start game 1 of match 1, but got stuck on coin flip screen. Could chat in background to opponent although it was hidden underneath the coin flip screen. I mashed the mouse all over and I pressed keep hand (by accident no doubt) but still had coin flip screen. So I logged out and logged back in. I reconnected successfully but had a blurred screen. I pressed space bar to pass priority and it got me going into the game (I kept a no resource hand of course).

    After game 1 (which I forfeited in the end), I then went to the normal constructed lobby. I went into tournaments and got thrown to the blank tournament lobby of doom screen (no more games on this account for today...)

    Also experienced the bugged 3rd game (after losing first 2) of a match. It is still around.

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    Tournament 1352

    First game "unbale to start match, please try again". Re-logged. Confirmed reconnect. It just sat the coin flip for a while. Re-logged again. Confirmed reconnect again. Again sat staring at the Hex coin with greyed out background. Re-logged yet again. Confirmed reconnect. Same deal. Gave up.

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    Nevermind. Thought it was sealed.
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