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Thread: HexTechs Dual View TODAY at 4:30PM EST (GPrime vs. Mantic)

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    HexTechs Dual View TODAY at 4:30PM EST (GPrime vs. Mantic)

    Hey guys! The HexTechs are proud to bring you another Dual View today at 4:30 PM EST on

    Contestants: G Prime vs. Mantic

    Shoutcasters: MythicFishMom and Cirous

    Format: Constructed - Best of 5 - Sideboarding Allowed

    We are very excited to be including other HEX streamers to HexTechs events, so come out and support your favorite!

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    Thanks for inviting us on, guys! It was a blast.

    Indormi and Mythic sent my the youtube link for anyone who missed this:
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    I just watched the video (in video section on twitch) was great to watch Very cool decks they played as well haha

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