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Thread: Air superiority bug

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    Air superiority bug

    When u give fly to a troop with ur avatar or champion , air superiority isnt giving +1+1 anymore

    fix it plox

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    Same with gems. No buff.
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    In short, Air Superiority is currently only giving the buff to troops that natually have Flight, not to anything that's gained it from a Gem, Inspire or Champion ability. Haven't tested with Sapphire Aura, but I imagine it also doesn't work.

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    Can confirm that I had the same issue with Air Superiority with Sapphire Aura and a Gemmed flying troop.

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    I just had the same issue. I had two Effigy of Nulzann and a Eldrich Dreamer all gemmed with flight, and my Air Superiority did not affect any of them. Adding Sapphire Aura to my Effigy didn't help. (Lost the game because of the bug, too!)

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    Can confirm that this also applies to troops given flight through feather drifting downriver's champion power. While these creatures gain flight, the air superiority bonus does not trigger.
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    it works if the gem'd troop with flight is already on the table,,, but not if played after by my experience

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