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Thread: HEX Alpha Patch Notes - v824 - 2/20/2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jyndreytu View Post
    I was particularly excited about Zombie Plague, but noticed it's random cards, and not troops, which immediately made me sad. If it was 3 random troops, it would be particularly strong against blood control running only Inquisitors, Corpse Flies, and Urunaaz. In it's current form I don't think the card is that strong.
    The problem there is... the card is a blood card. If you're playing blood v blood I have a feeling you'd also be running inquisitors and such.

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    I see it as a niche card more for mill decks now since your deck actively decreases the size of theirs. Or as a sideboard card for blood against mono ruby and shin'hare, but sorrow is probably better for that already.

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    Hmm... a Blood / Saph Zombie Plague mill/control hybrid might indeed be interesting. I'll have to play around with that one. It's kind of a win more card in that case, though. Really, though, Twisted Fate would net you better results, because it's a minimum of 1 card out of their deck per turn instead of a chance at 1-3 if you HAPPEN to hit a troop with only 1 defense left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    I'm betting they changed that part for the same reason as Omen of Oblivion... people might spend too much time looking at the revealed cards..
    Could balance this out by having it revealed only to the owner of the affected cards and not the one using the plague. Unlike Curse of Oblivion which requires a target, Zombie Plague does not so revealing the cards is not a requirement for the card to function.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    Someone want to start a Zombie Plague thread over in the card development forum? Because I'm adamant that the double nerf they gave it was too much.
    How can you assume so much about this card already?
    It pretty much destroys any aggro winnie decks.
    Say someone is trying to kill you with a ruby aggro deck, at least half his cards will be creatures, half of which will likely be x/1's
    So if you reveal 3 cards, and almost a quarter of his deck has 1 def, you're gonna be getting on average 3 zombies every 4 turns.

    Even if it's not an aggro matchup, It gives you inevitability for 2 mana, I don't see how thats not powerfull already.

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    Don't forget that not every card is meant to be a 1v1 bomb. Think of a future where you are playing 3v3 or your Keep is hosting a Raid and you are having 3 against 1. This card is definitely then worth legendary rarity. 9 chances per turn for some free 2/2's is amazing
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    Wondering if things like "Spirit Dance", "Mushwocky" or "Air Superiority", which were fine earlier, are fixed as well. Since it hasn't been mentioned, I guess they are not just yet.

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    I would like to see zombie go up by 1 card per turn maybe.

    Could also have Inferno just increase the counter by 1 at the start of turn and then do the damage at end of turn. That way it is less random, but you risk more as the person playing it since you'll always be getting hit first/for more. Should still work in agro decks and might also be a hilarious wincon in a life gain deck.

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    Gotta give it to the artist or designers here. The new card frames look GREAT

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