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    No promo cards with order

    In a past post, Matt gave us instructions to email the support desk with our Order tracking number in order to include both the promotional cards Martian Manhunter and Starfire. I sent an email just to be sure it worked and I got a message back with these exact instructions.

    A few days ago I received my order tracking number, and I immediately emailed it to the support center. My game is here now and I do not have these promotional cards.

    How do I obtain them, since obviously there has been a mis-communication.

    If an admin wishes to discuss this privately, please PM me and I will provide all the contact details, as well as the tracking number, etc. that you need.


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    Sorry Tiddley, I can't seem to find your PM. Can you send it again?

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    I remembered we need to send our order number to customer service, not order tracking number.

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    Hmm...the email talks twice about the tracking number, then once about the order number. The confirmation email I received had a tracking number on it, so I used that. Hopefully I can get in touch with Tiddley, his PM seems to have been sent to someone else.

    Tiddley, if it's at all preferable, you can email me instead at

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    I purchased this at my local hobby store, Emerald City in Pinellas Park, FL, and it didn't come with a Starfire promo. Is there anyway I could get one? How would one obtain the Felix Faust promo as well? Thanks for any help!

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    Did you tell the hobby store you wanted to get the promo cards? If not, the store probly didn't ask for them.

    The Felix Faust promo cards only come in tournament play. Again, ask ur hobby store if they are holding a tournament.

    Please do not jump into other people's threads to ask this question. It's been asked a million times, you can read to find this out.

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    Unfortunately, our shipment of promo cards for Heroes Unite headed to the East coast warehouse was lost in transit and there was another shipping error to the midwest warehouse. We still don't know exactly how this happened but the end result was that no stores on the East Coast received these promos and a few of the stores in the midwest were also shorted. As soon as we found out about this issue, we started moving promo cards from our other warehouses to the effected warehouses. They should arrive by the end of this week and be ready to ship out to stores. Your store will receive enough to cover their initial order and we have more promo cards being reprinted to cover any future orders, replacing the ones that were lost. The reprinted cards should arrive in a few weeks. All stores that were shorted cards will be receiving them as soon as we have them in the right warehouses.

    As for the Felix Faust cards, stores can obtain these by simply requesting them from Alliance. They're free and no sign up is needed. Stores may use them to host a tournament but it is not required. Registering an event on our site will NOT get promo cards for your store. It's just a good way for stores to let people know about an upcoming event. I know that we are running low on these cards through Alliance and I have requested a reprint that should arrive in about a month. I hope this clears things up a bit!

    Thank you so much for your patience and for enjoying our games.

    -Sara Erickson
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