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    Speaking on behalf of CCG fans I absolutely love the For the Glory booster packs. Finding cards and building a deck is just as much fun as actually playing the game. I understand there are those who disagree, and that's fine. But I do not seem to understand how people say that a LCG is going to save them money. A Collector's Pack is $20. If I ever want multiple copies of a card that there is only one of in a Collector's Pack, like Cool Dog, then I am paying twenty dollars for a single card. That doesn't sound as cost saving as others say LCGs are.

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    But if I want another "Raise the Dead" spell, I have to spend anywhere from $4-$96 dollars for a single card. You're guaranteed the third Cool Dog in your $20 box. I'm not even 100% guaranteed to get my Raise the Dead in my $96 box.

    Heck, to get three of each card from the Collector's Sets, I'd spend $160 - and I'd have three of everything, guaranteed - 480 cards total - 33 cents/card. If I want three of everything from the expansion, I'd be spending $288 and there's no absolute guarantee I'd get three of everything. I'd have 648 cards - 44 cents/card... with no guarantees.

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    Has anyone bought a booster box yet? If so did you have any luck receiving all 24 of the rare cards. Just want to know, I've taken the dive and ordered one and I'm a bit concerned I wont receive every card. I'm a little bit of a completionist.

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    I purchased two booster boxes and received all 24 rares in each. So I would say it would be safe to assume that you will get one of each rare if you buy a box.

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    Myself and a friend both bought a display box and received one of each rare card. I am thankful that the collation on these sets seems pretty even. 2-3 of each common (most being 3) and 1-2 of each uncommon and 1 of each rare.

    I still have some issues with the release, but, overall, I won't complain too much. Still would have liked cheaper packs/more cards over 3 foil cards per pack...

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    I'll add my voice to the choir: I got a box yesterday and got 1 of each rare. Their distribution program works out well.

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    Thanks for the response guys. It's good to know that Cryptozoic isn't trying to get us card chasing, as they promised. I don't mind this format of booster distribution so much, now that I know I'll be able to receive every card in a display... as long as it's not an oft occurrence - there's only so much a uni budget can handle.

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