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Thread: Rules questions

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    The Schoolhouse ability only lasts until the end of your turn.
    The new foil versions of the Schoolhouse in For the Glory have this text change.
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    Hi, 2 quick questions please, apologies if they are a bit basic:

    1) Does the attack bonus that the Woadic Chief gets only apply in the turn he is played or is it every turn he is in play please?

    2) When a card has an effect "at the start of your turn" do you have to wait until the turn after playing it for the effect to take place? eg) you play wandering bald man during your turn, do you discard a card instantly or do you have to wait until your next turn to do so.

    Thank you btw, I've had several questions answered in this thread already and it's been all sorts of helpful.

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    1> During each of your turns, he gets his ability. So if you play 1 Spell during each of your turns, he will always be +2 ATK.

    2> In the turn in which you play the card, it is no longer the start of your turn. Gotta wait til the start of the next turn.

    Thanks for the questions and glad this thread is of help.
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    My local game store just had their first official-unofficial Card Wars tournament, 7 players fighting For The Glory (for the record I won it with 4-landscape Slimeys :P), here's a few questions that came up before and during (we resolved them to all players' satisfaction, just wanting to confirm)

    1. To clarify cost reduction from another thread, any spell or ability that reduces the cost of a card (Unempty Coffin, Djinni Ghost, Lost Golem, etc) to X makes that card and X-cost until it enters play? (For the purposes of Pentacutie, Temple of the Sun) So Lost Golem doesn't go infinite auto-kill with Temple and Sandwitch?

    2. If that's true, can you cast a Lost Golem if you have less than 3 Sandylands in play, by casting a creature and reducing it's cost? Can you build a deck with cards you can't naturally cast/is the cost-landscapes restriction on deck construction or just casting? (The specific situation was can you have a Lost Golem in a 2 Sandylands/2 Blue Plains deck?)

    3. If THAT'S true, can you use Musical Chairs to make your deck illegal?

    4. Can a creature reanimated by Raise Dead replace a creature or does it have to enter an empty lane?
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    1. Cards with reduced costs enter play with those reduced costs, So a 0-cost Lost Golem won't trigger the Temple of the Sun.
    2. If you reduce the cost, you reduce the landscape requirement.
    3. You can put cards in your deck that you can't cast. Musical Chairs won't cause anything illegal.
    4. Yes, it can replace.
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    My turn to have a question! When a creature comes back to the hand, does it count as leaving play? To be more specific, I want to know if Green Snakey triggers its effect when coming back to the hand by another card's effect.

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    I have a question. If I floop a creature (for example: Beach Mummy) Can I return that creature to my hand by another card effect?? (for example using Sand Sphynx building or another adjacent Beach Mummy)
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    1. If you have a monster with 0 attack and he is at the ready does he have to attack like any other card and just take the damage from the defending monster?

    2. If you are playing a monster with a damage multiplier from a landscape like the Maize-walker and you buff his attack, do you then multiply the end damage? Like if he has 2+2 attack, do you multiply (2+2)X3 = 12 damage total?

    3. Do flooped/exhausted monsters still do damage to attacking monsters?

    4. Just to clarify what "ready" means, any monster that is not flooped or exhausted is "ready" and must attack, right?

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    Yes, the Snakey has left play when it returned to your hand.

    Matt says yes, you may use spells, Actions, or floop abilities to return another flooped creature to your hand.

    1. yes

    2. yes. Immortal maize walker will do triple whatever it's current damage value is. Since the multiplier only happens as it attacks, all buffs(via spells, static abilities, and floops) have to have been applied to it before that

    3. yes, otherwise they would never do damage to attackers at all, since on your turn, all of your opponents creatures should always be flooped or exhausted unless a card ability has prevented it (Cool Dog, for example, prevents attacks on your creatures in adjacent lanes. If your opponent has creatures without floop abilities in those lanes, they will enter your turn still in the ready position.)

    4. Yes, unless you are the very first player of the game on turn 1.
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