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Thread: Rules questions

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    Hi Matt,

    here is a quick question about the Frozen Tokens. I am looking into buying an extension and would like to know a few things not mentioned on the Internet.

    1. How many Frozen Tokens does the Ice King have?
    2. Are they all dealt/usable to him at the beginning of the game?
    3. What happens when a token has been removed by discarding a card, is it discarded too or does it go back to the Ice King's possession? Or if not directly (Q2.) then is there any way for him to get them back according to the rules book?

    Specifically this sentence: "You may target an already Frozen Landscape to receive another Frozen token, but it simply does not gain another token."- not sure what it means, to "gain another token" and to "receive" another token, maybe this is an extension to Question 2.

    If you think of something else that might have not been well explained in the rule book or forgotten, please add it too.

    Thank you!

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    2. Yes. They are placed onto Landscapes via Spells and Creatures. So you have access, but won't be able to get them all into play on turn 1.
    3. Goes back to the pool for Ice King to use again later.
    "Does not gain another token" means that you don't put another Frozen token on that already Frozen Landscape. Nothing to do with the number of available Frozen Tokens.
    Matt Hyra
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