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Thread: Sun Needs Nerfed

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    Sun Needs Nerfed

    I've been enjoying my time on earth so far, but my biggest complaint has to be the temperature of the Sun. It's too hot. I mean it gets up to around 27 MILLION degrees Fahrenheit. I mean it seems pretty ridiculous. Nothing else can really compete with that kind of heat generation.

    Right now, if you want to heat something quick, the argument will always devolve to, "Why not just use the Sun?" Other types of heat generation can't compete. That's why I think CZE should lower the temperature of the Sun by at least 20 or 30 degrees. We need more choice and variety in our heat generation and the Sun is currently too efficient to make those other choices worthwhile.

    I really think this will be better for us as a whole and I hope CZE will at least explore the idea.
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    This thread made me feel a bit better haha. I know it wasnt meant for me, but thanks anyway. Cheered me up.
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    This topic has already been discussed to death on If you don't have anything new to add please don't post. You're making me click and type up responses to things I don't care about. How dare you.

    See I can trivialize and troll too. Its easy and fun

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    I know someone is going to scream #ThisIsn'tMercury, but seriously, if you think we have it bad here, try dealing with the sun on other planets. You don't know how good you have it.

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    I don't want to see the Sun banned, just bring it down to where it's in line with the other energy sources. Right now, it's so efficient, it could very easily be abused down the road. How you can't see the ramifications of letting this go is mind boggling. I want to make sure that there is a level playing field between all the energy producers, and one new thing could push the Sun to a point of dominance.
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    I hate when I have to mulligan because it doesn't have heat like the Sun produces. Really they should just let us mulligan for free or just mulligan until we get the Sun and then we are forced the keep. I don't know why CZE isn't letting us test every aspect of their game and tell them when they're wrong (duh, always). I want my money back because I backed this game ONLY for the unique mulligan rules.

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    There's a common misconception here: People are blaming the Sun. The real culprit is Electromagnetic Energy not the Sun-Earth interaction. Please only post if you can differentiate the two.

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    Different energy situations work for different planets. I don't want to judge Mercury from an Earth point of view just like how I don't want Mars to judge us from a Mars point of view.
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    I suggest to wait until CZE cleared the bugs out of Cold Fusion, might have a great impact to the whole play.

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